Trump says Obama born in US, ‘period’ – after new ‘birther’ dust-up

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it,” Trump said in Washington, D.C. “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.”

“Fact-checkers have found no public evidence that she or her campaign pushed the issue. Rather, Trump’s comments appear to refer to reports that Clinton supporters circulated an email during the bitter 2008 primary race questioning Obama’s citizenship.”

Well there’s this

Blitzer: Someone supporting Hillary Clinton was trying to promote this so-called Birther issue? What happened?

Doyle: So we — absolutely, the campaign nor Hillary did not start the Birther movement, period, end of story there. There was a volunteer coordinator, I believe, in late 2007, I believe, in December, one of our volunteer coordinators in one of the counties in Iowa — I don’t recall whether they were an actual paid staffer, but they did forward an email that promoted the conspiracy.

Blitzer: The Birther conspiracy?

Doyle: Yeah, Hillary made the decision immediately to let that person go. We let that person go. And it was so, beyond the pale, Wolf, and so not worthy of the kind of campaign that certainly Hillary wanted to run.

note: breitbart can be considered heavily biased towards Trump, but they seem to be quoting a dialog on CNN

Except Trump said “Hillary Clinton and… started the birther controversy.”

A volunteer was not Hillary Clinton.

Of course Trump knew the Clinton staffer was circulating the story so he saw an opportunity to take advantage of the situation to cast Clinton in a negative light. I’m surprised Sy posted this story. I thought he was leaning towards Clinton…or at least leaning against Trump. Trump is showing he’s ahead of the curve here. I want to be clear though that I’m not a Trump guy nor a Clinton guy. However, I’ve got to admit that this makes Clinton look either secretive (again!) and just looking to place blame with lower level staffers, or showing (again!) that she surrounds herself with people who are incompetent and just dig up this kind of material. Can’t wait for the birther issue to go away. Maybe in my lifetime.

I don’t know why you would you be surprised since FOX explained fact checkers have found no evidence that Hillary Clinton herself was involved in starting it as Trump was quoted as still saying. So regardless of who any of us are leaning towards or against, I don’t see it being ahead of the curve to repeat something that has been fact checked. I would think instead, if anything, it would reflect more negatively on Trump. But at least after 4 yrs, he finally admits Obama is an American. That’s at least something.

Hillary looks as desperate as a fish out of water bringing this up again. For someone that wants to stick to the issues Hillary hasn’t at all.

I agree.

the volunteer coordinator let the cat out of the bag. where did this staffer hear the story about the suspicion of Obama’s birth?
they knew people would run with the story. who knows if this story is true. could be another cover up like the pneumonia diagnosis.
she is desperate.

Actually it wasn’t Hillary who brought it up. Trump did an interview this week with the Washington Post and still wouldn’t say if Obama was an American. So on CNN Don Lemon’s show last night in the 10pm hour, Lemon and his guests were discussing Trump still refusing to say Obama is an American. While on the air, CNN’s Dana Bash received correspondence from the Trump campaign about a birther statement forthcoming and the Trump campaign then within minutes sent their statement to her which she read on the air. And then today Trump himself spoke. My guess is they wanted it behind them since CNN was talking about it. But what I don’t get is why he would still say today Hillary Clinton started the birther controversy when it has been fact checked. That to me wouldn’t seem to put the issue away for them.

The birther issue centers around who paid for Barack Obama’s college tuition at Occidental. Indonesia did not have dual citizenship at that time. If he applied for a scholarship as a “Foreigner” while he was still a US citizen born in Hawaii, then he’s guilty of fraud and his college diploma is null and void per the language that states as much for falsifying information. Even though it’s a technicality, fraud is still fraud. Then, his law degree is also fraudulent since it requires a college degree, the media and oligarchs are exposed yet again for bias, etc. IF he rescinded his US citizenship while living in Indonesia to become an Indonesian citizen under his step father Lolo Soetoro, then he isn’t eligible to become President per the 14th Amendment of the Constitution which states that anyone who renounces his/her citizenship is not eligible. Though a technicality, the law is the law. His father’s name change to Lolo Soetoro on his birth certificate is an irrelevant distraction.

Backers wisely diverted the story to “born in Kenya” because they knew the haters would run with it, grow it, it would be easier to discredit them, and it would divert attention from the real issue of his citizenship status at the time he applied to Occidental, which is the real issue here.

This is the kind of circus you can expect when wealth exceeds intellect in politics :cool:

You would think it would reflect negatively on Trump, but if I’ve learned anything about this election cycle, it’s that anything that appears to make Trump look bad actually has the opposite affect. I understand fully that Trump was front and center stirring up the whole birther thing when it was going on. But alas, the electorate has the attention span of a five year old and won’t recall that time period. It is what it is. Welcome to politics in 2016.

Now that Mr. Trump has verified that Mr. Obama is an American, will all those who doubted it be convinced?

It’s an issue that pretty much is irrelevant since Obama won’t be affected by it whether true or not. It’s only purpose now is to shed light on the 2016 Presidential election. To me, and I would think 99.999% of everyone else, this issue will not sway a single voter one way or another towards or away from Trump or Clinton. It’s filler for those pro- and anti- in both camps. Given the week Clinton has had, it probably hurts Clinton more, but I don’t know if it really matters come November.

72% of registered Republican voters still doubted President Obama’s citizenship, according to an NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll conducted in late June and early July.

41% of Republicans said he was not born in America. And additional 31% had doubts.

That’s a lot to convince but if anyone can do it, it might be The Donald.

Sydney Blumenthal is like one of her appendages, and he pushed the birther controversy.
Face it, she lied about not pushing the story.


I’m super-excited that we finally have a legitimate president.

Too bad his term is basically over.

It is almost over, right? Since the past eight years basically didn’t count, since Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t the for-real president, does that mean he can run again?


It was a gambit.

Hillary fell for it.

^^This. She hasn’t had a good week.

I didn’t read the story, but on the face of it, those statistics are incredible. Meaning, not credible. 72 out of 100 Republican voters doubted his citizenship?

I don’t think I’m leaving the Republican party. I think it’s leaving me.

72%?! Srsly?

Trump is a mixture of P.T. Barnum and a manifestation of Wm. F. Buckley’s quote, ‘deny everything, even when you’re caught red-handed. Even though every one knows you’re lying, if you deny it long enough you will plant seeds of doubt’ Paraphrased heavily.

I agree as a single issue alone, it won’t sway voters. I do think his response today sheds more light onto the man Trump is though. I think the fact that he has taken so long still won’t sit well with African Americans who he supposedly was courting. And I’m not sure how continuing to blame Hillary Clinton directly for starting birtherism when it’s been fact checked, will sit with for instance those suburban women in the Philly area whom he may need to take PA, a state without which makes it extremely difficult to deny HRC the Presidency of the United States. Is “Trump being Trump” what those voters want to see?

Trump’s supporters wouldn’t leave him no matter what. We know that. He attested to that back in the primaries when he said he could shoot someone and not lose support. No matter what Trump says or does, he loses none of his core support.

So I don’t know why he simply could not bring himself to utter the words, I’ve been wrong all these yrs about Obama without trying to falsely tie HC into it. That’s one of many things puzzling to me about Trump. He wants to put something like this away but then keeps something like this a news story. In this case by still blaming Clinton from 08 when fact checkers dismiss his claim.

You think Clinton has ended the week badly? I don’t know. She seemed to have a great day yesterday back on the trail starting in NC. And Obama with a 58% overall approval rating among Americans in a new poll, 90% approval among Democrats and even greater among African Americans, was out on the trail for her this wk and reportedly will be so a lot in these final weeks of the campaign. And her primary campaign opponent Bernie Sanders is headed to college campuses in Ohio to get out the vote for her. And he said once the Senate goes into recess next wk, after a few days of rest, he will be out there fulltime the rest of the way on her behalf. He said he does not want Donald Trump to be President and has grandchildren and does not want Donald Trump as their President. Not a bad recovery by week’s end I’d say.

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