Trump says Sessions should end Muller investigation right now


Wow. Yeah, this isn’t obstruction of justice at all.

Just sort of an , “Impeach me now or impeach me later” kinda thing.


Yep, and an innocent person who want an investigation that might include him/herself to be thorough.


Gee, so speaking one’s opinion openly is now “obstruction of justice”? Only in the Dem world in which the measure of “justice” is “show me the man and I’ll find the crime”.

Trump didn’t fire Sessions. Didn’t fire Mueller. Didn’t fire Rosenstein. he could have. But that’s not required for Democrat “obstruction of justice”. All it takes is having an opinion contrary to theirs; thought crimes.


Just think of all the entertainment this investigation is causing. Also it ties up government resources that could be used to harm people and the economy. Why would we want this to end?


Why I’m wondering does he announce this on Twitter? Why not simply call Sessions on the phone and tell him? Or drop by his office? Sometimes I get the impression that he thinks he is not a part of and indeed the head of his own administration.


I did not get the impression that Trump ordered Sessions to stop the investigation.


Since Trump twice admitted that he fired Comey to try and stop the investigation, that alone may be construed as “probable cause”. But his repeated threats against Rosensein and Sessions, plus some others, may also be construed as “probable cause”. Threats may be serious even if no actions result. If I threaten a witness who may testify, or a person who could become a witness, that likely reaches the level of “probable cause”.

Either way, this is for the courts to decide.


What courts? He isn’t on trial


We’re talking about things that could possibly happen down the road, and I am not assuming that Trump will ever be put on trial or be impeached. I’m referring to the issue of “probable cause” as related to Trump’s words and actions vis-a-vis threats and one firing (Comey), and my reference to “courts” would be dealing with what they would have to decide upon if charges were to be brought against him.


A good case can be made that Trump’s statement amounts to threatening to fire Sessions or Rosenstein, especially in light of your (correct) observation that he could do so. You don’t think these guys are aware of that?


Even Mueller doesn’t think he obstructed justice in firing Comey. It would be hard to do since Rosenstein wrote a blistering “fire Comey” letter. Of course that might have been a trap on Rosenstein’s part; an excuse to appoint Mueller.

If it was, Trump stepped right into it.


What has he prevented either of them from doing?


Firing them would prevent them from doing anything further, and as I said, his statement can be interpreted as threatening them.


“Could be interpreted…”? We should prosecute people for that? I realize Mueller is on a witch hunt, but this really is a witch too far.


I did not get the impression that Trump ordered Sessions to stop the investigation.

Me neither. Trump is just talking to his base here.


Remember, to obstruct an investigation there doesn’t need to be an underlying crime found.

I find it hilarious that the followers of the master purveyor of hyperbole parse every sentence against him to see if they can call it a lie or not true.


Obstruction in plain sight. It’s as if he wants Mueller to come after him.


It’s not just some random person speaking his opinion. It’s the President of the United States calling on the recused AG to stop an investigation that may be coming after him. If Obama tried this…


He can fire Sessions if he wants to, but hasn’t. He can criticize SEssions for his inaction, and should. Sessions’ refusal to do anything at all is irresponsible.


It was announced yesterday that Mueller is intending to ask Trump some questions, with some of them being in written form, about possible “obstruction of justice”. Mueller did not say Comey’s firing was or wasn’t an obstruction of justice, so someone is just fabricating stories.

Also, Trump could not fire Sessions but would have to fire Rosenstein first.

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