Trump signs orders banning US non-govt orgs. that receive funding from providing abortions abroad

Trump signs orders banning US non-govt orgs. that receive funding from providing abortions abroad

Absolutely fantastic! :thumbsup:


Information on the Mexico City Policy

The people I’d preferred to him could hardly have done better, quicker.

At daily masses throughout America there are often daily prayers for “The President” (and others ) offered up. Nice to see tangible results so quickly per that.

IS my President. :innocent:.

CNN reports he signed the orders today. Sorry … on my phone I have trouble posting links , or I would have.

This is a sigh of relief for me. I was very unsure if President Trump would follow through with this as quickly as he did.

I feel much better about my vote. :slight_smile:

Reagan started this law

Bill got rid of it

Bush brought it back

Obama got rid of it

Trump brought it back

Is there an article. Twitter isn’t a news source and it’s blocked by my job anyway.

Deo gratias!

I hope this satisfies all those who worried about Trump’s pro life credentials.

:amen: Yes!!!

Awesome! I’m glad he stuck by his word on this. We don’t need to be funding this sort of thing.

At least something was done right.

Sad news. I can only hope that in four years we get a good president that will get rid of this policy.

Sad? How can it be sad to withdraw funding from a human-rights abuse so serious as this? If some organization were advocating for infanticide or euthanasia, surely you would agree all complicity would have to be stopped, no matter what other good they were accomplishing? :confused:

You’re a Catholic and abortion is alright with you?

If I recall a previous conversation correctly, NM505StKate is currently in a state of questioning the faith.

How is it a human rights abuse? By not giving out information on birth control how many more children will be born into poverty? The slogan “Think of the Children” fits here. Trump is just following the far right line imo.

A woman’s right to choose is fine with me. For the record my parents feel the same.

This is great news for all orthodox Catholics and all who care about protecting the unborn

I’m fairly libertarian and imo it’s not the federal government’s job to give taxpayer money to organizations like this. People are, of course, free to donate on their own.

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