Trump singles

A few days ago on my Twitter feed I found a couple of ads for something called Trump singles. I’m not single so it isn’t a company I would use

I thought maybe it was a company owned by one of the Trump family, but instead it’s founder is a trumps supporters. It costs 19.00 a month.

I posted an article about it.

I guess it’s a good idea for a dating site. Trump supporters might have a lot in common and might be able to find a partner.

What do you think? I haven’t been single for a long time, but I guess a dating website for people with similar political POV’s might be a way to find “the one”.

This is great! If they need a catchy slogan, allow me to suggest “Love Trumps Politics.” :wink:

Even better, it’s probably heteros only.

No, thank you. I was interested in a dating service called Liberty Lovers, but they closed down not too long ago. They can lure a lot more people maybe.


I read that libs are refusing to date anyone that voted for Trump, so it’s a critical criteria in the mate selection process.

Well there’s always the Milo types, the GOP needs its own night of the long knives.


He’s a gay Trump supporter who’s well know on Reddits’s “alt-right”, some of what he’s said is good but he’s become way to liberal for my taste, the novelty of having a gay Conservative has warn off and its never good to water down our beliefs in a miss guided attempt to show liberals we’re tolerant too. Look him up on YouTube if your curious.

So his white nationalism and misogyny isn’t a problem for you but his gayness is a deal breaker?

He is a useful troll, but that is about it.

Let the (female genital) grabbing begin!!!

Better than the baby dismembering!!!:frowning:
And the spirit cooking blind dates (if that allegation’s true).

I’m no Milo expert, but when I saw him interviewed, he seemed truly outraged by accusations like the ones you’re leveling, and pointed to instances where he has specifically denounced bigotry of any kind. His sass seems to be of the equal-opportunity mockery, not malicious. Since we’re of the benefit-of-the-doubt-giving kind of folk, is there a reason we should not believe his own self-characterization?

“Make Dates Great Again.”

Milo Yiannopoulous. He is a British, gay conservative commentator and fierce Trump supporter. The same guy who sparked those riots on the UC Berkeley campus a few weeks ago.

Look him up.

Oh no its due to the fact that he tacitly defended pedophilia we nazis are a tolerant bunch don’t ya know;).

Thanks for the info, though somehow I felt cleaner before I knew that. :smiley:

That picture is funny. WRONG, but funny!

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