Trump: SoftBank to invest $50B in U.S. , Create 50,000 jobs



It costs $1B to create one job?


I assume you meant $1M per job, not $1B. :wink:

The reasonability of the figure really depends on what they are doing. If it’s a telecommunications company it can be hugely expensive to setup data centers, infrastructure, et cetera. There are also on going costs that go into running telecom that would be in that investment cost. I know of a couple datacenters that each cost a couple million per month just for electricity, maintenace and cooling costs. We also don’t know what that investment term covers (1, 2, 5+ years) so it’s hard to say what the investment spread is and anticipated ROI.


As a long-term investor, I wouldn’t touch it.


SoftBank is more likely to make an acquisition and merge it with Sprint, resulting in fewer jobs. Tech does create high paying jobs while making a lot of old jobs obsolete. No sane government policy will reverse that. We would have a huge shortage of telephone operators if electronic switching had not been invented; about half the workforce would be needed to fill those jobs for today’s calling volume. Not only would that be impossible, but most people could not afford phones if the phone company had to pay that many workers.


SoftBank already owns something like 80% of Sprint so they would most likely look at another merger with T-Mobile I would guess. If Trump is successful in deregulation it could mean that the FCC would no longer be a barrier.

Given the vast holdings of SoftBank, investment would likely be in several areas. I had seen some talk that the investment might also include additional investment from Foxconn. Given that SoftBank now owns the ARM Holdings chipmaker it is possible that they could be looking at building joint electronics manufacturing and assembly plants in the US with Foxconn.

Without an idea of what the investment involves it is hard to say how it would impact US jobs. I suspect they would be lost in some sectors and perhaps gained in other sectors. It really depends. I was simply throwing out that creating jobs is more than simply getting boots on the ground. There are a bunch of “hidden” costs if you talk about large scale investment. The job creation might also be indirect creation in businesses that support any new investment. Again we can’t know without details.


Sounds to be a positive for America. I hope it works out for the best, for all involved.


Good analysis.


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