Trump Steps Up Attacks on Mail Vote, Making False Claims About Fraud

Oh, I see. Doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. A person he hired at one time was found guilty of some kind of election fraud in a non-related election. But it did present a good opportunity for the publication to make it look as if Trump was involved in election fraud.


You didn’t see the post on the mid-term elections in Michigan? Trump wasn’t running then, either.

I just showed others involved in vote fraud, since it seemed the time to post examples. There’s not much on voter impersonation, though. That’s the only thing that involves voter ID’s.

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It just shows the kind of people Trump associates himself with. That ought to reflect on the man himself.

The prolife marchers would find this implied negative assessment of them disappointing, but not surprising.


Don’t worry, as to supporters, Trump still has overwhelming support among the white supremacists. If you want Trump’s supporters to reflect on him.

Oh? How many votes is that? No biased guesses, now. REal facts. Do you have any?


Unfortunately I’m very afraid that this is part of a plan to try and reject the results of the election if Mr. Trump loses in November. I very, very much hope I am wrong, but he has hinted many times that he would refuse to follow the results of an election.

" In Minnesota and Vermont, a white supremacist super PAC called the American National Super PAC has begun circulating a robocall in support of Trump."

One can quibble and cavil but the facts are there.

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And the numbers are what, among likely “white supremacist” voters, who will vote for Trump?

At least CNN admitted such support is unwelcome to Trump. His support among prolife people is welcome, however. Do you think Biden will advertise his popularity among pro-abortion people?
After all, that would be the biggest part of his electorate. Maybe 100%


Asked and answered.

Half right. The first half.

Any more questions? I don’t think this is even debatable.


If 28 million ballots went missing, probably at least that number were “missing” until voted by someone other than the real voter.


Well, we should challenge things like a claim of 28 million.

" RealClearPolitics recently published a news story and a column both of which made the astounding assertion that 28 million mail-in ballots went “missing” over the last four general elections. If true, it could be a major stain on the mail-ballot voting process.

But it is not true. Here’s why. Both pieces used the term “missing” to describe ballots that were mailed out to voters but not cast by those voters. By this logic, all of the over 250 million votes not cast by in-person Election Day voters from 2012 to 2018 are also “missing.”

I didn’t use my mail-in ballot because it was delivered to my house 3 days after it had to be postmarked. Note, there was no on-site voting in the primary in my state, so I didn’t get to vote.

Is that what you mean by missing?

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Went missing?
We discussed this before.
Just people who didn’t return the ballot.
How many millions choose not to vote?
What is your undebatable conclusion?

I may be severe in my thinking but voting is so important to me, one citizen/one vote even if we have to dip our finger in the ink well to show we have voted one time in the election. That way it can be as fair as it can be. That way we can accept the winner as the person with the most legal votes and not all this voter fraud.
It amazes me that there can even be an argument that voter fraud is a fraudulent claim. Since I was a child I heard of people paying money for dead people voting… Yes, you might say I’m from a backwards state… Now the progressive states are doing what backwards states did long ago…


Let’s be exact: All the new ID laws can combat is voter impersonation, not all vote fraud. It is voter impersonation which was found to have occurred 31 times out of several billion votes cast. Voter impersonation is a fraudulent claim.

So you have a solution without a problem. The bad part about all this is that some folks who are elegible to vote were prevented from doing so by the new ID laws. These folks eliminated tended to be poor and minorities and those backing the new voter ID laws knew this very well.

What you heard is immaterial. What is true is what matters.

It’s material to me. I bet the things you heard as a child are material to you, too!

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