Trump sued bank to get out of $40M debt after housing crash

Trump sued bank to get out of $40M debt after housing crash

 Donald Trump may have salivated over the idea of a housing crash to  make some easy cash, but when the market tanked he tried to use it to  get off the hook for a major debt.
 The presumptive GOP presidential nominee sued Deutsche Bank to try to  get out of $40 million in personal loans he'd taken out to build Trump  International Hotel & Tower in Chicago in 2008, arguing the  financial collapse was an unexpected "force majeure," or act of God,  that negated his duties to repay the loan.

 "I am a businessman and I have made a lot of money in down markets, in  some cases as much as I've made when markets are good. Frankly, this is  the kind of thinking our country needs — understanding how to get a good  result out of a very bad and sad situation," he said in a statement.
 Hillary Clinton's campaign has beaten on Trump for days for his comments, seeming to root for the collapse.
 "When Trump got his wish for a housing crash, millions of Americans  lost their homes. This guy can't be president," Clinton's campaign  tweeted Tuesday.

So it’s okay for him to manipulate the system to his own gain, but the rest of us are out of luck.:eek::mad:

He’s not the kind of guy we need in the white house,

Trump’s comments on what would turn out to be the worst financial crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression resurfaced last week.

He was hoping people would lose their homes so he could make a lot of money.

Then he used the crisis that he rooted for to try to get off the hook for a debt.

I merely have a modest home. 1000 sq ft. I know my home’s value tanked quite a bit and just in the past few yrs has begun a rebound. I was one of the fortunate ones. While I personally wouldn’t vote for this guy for dog catcher, I certainly know had I lost a home or been homeless due to what Donald Trump wished for, there would be no way I would vote for him to lead my country.

I merely have a modest home. 1000 sq ft. I know my home’s value tanked quite a bit and just in the past few yrs has begun a rebound. I was one of the fortunate ones.

So you survived Obama? Says a lot :thumbsup: Your persevered!!! Wow.but still “wrong”!! :shrug: It will continue to decrease and you’ll know when recovery happened when it is where it once was? You tell me. Out of all the Presidents let me just ask, where do you rate Osama?

Wow. Terribly sad but not completely surprising. :frowning:

This ^

:rolleyes: I don’t rate “Osama”. He was never President. Obama made sure of that.

But this wasn’t illegal, was it? Whatever you think about this, do you think the average American voter cares about something like this?

Yes very sad. But no I wasn’t surprised.

But he will fill the SCOTUS seat with a conservative and Hillary will not. If we lose the conservative block on SCOTUS it could be devastating to Catholic supported causes such as Pro Life and not forcing birth control on religious non-profits.

Right now Trump is the necessary evil when Hillary is the other choice.

Exactly. You weren’t surprised. There’s no doubt that Trump’s comments are not nice, he was probably quite a ruthless businessman.

Hillary Clinton has put some of the onus of blame in regards to the crisis on homeowners themselves:

I wonder how homeowners will feel if her comments are played in ads.

So Hillary will be the real estate wizard and economic genius opposed to Trump, you believe that in light of your present situation? :rolleyes: And why pray tell?

Sooo let me understand here, your offended I called Obama -Osama"??? Well oh my, lord have mercy!!! But you have no issue riding someone else obviously? Isn’t that the very issue with the thin skinned liberals with their failed. “Freedom fo me but not for thee PC conversation” Whatever made you think you had it like that our here? Obama? :smiley:

How do you rate Obama, is that clear enough?

Referring to President Obama as Osama IS offensive. Conservatives and liberals alike should find it so.

What does Obama have to do with Trump hoping for a real estate market failure in 2006 & 2007?

I don’t like Trump but I like Hillary even less and I feel like our country will be safer under a trump administration.

so he could make a lot of money.

:thumbsup: Sooo he was hoping to purchase when the market was ripe? Thats what your saying or is this a Osama conversation? :slight_smile:

Sally come now, why of course its relevant in the land of liberalism? :shrug:

Of course, I keep forgetting how all powerful Obama is. He caused the real estate market to fail before he was elected.

Sounds like it is more relevant in the land of conservatism. Unless you are telling me you are a liberal.

Why are you trying to link Obama to Trump’s glee about a real estate crash?

I think Trump’s first concern will nominating people who are pro-eminent domain.

Am I guilty or do I get a trail in Obamaland? :smiley:

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