Trump supporter, 15, beaten during Rockville protest


It’s a good thing these are non-violent protests, otherwise somebody could get really hurt.


Real class act on the part of Clinton supporters. Praying you this young person’s health & recovery.


Love trumps hate…

Unless you disagree with us…

Then you deserve a butt kicking


First and foremost, I am glad the student that was assaulted was not seriously injured.

Second, anyone know if the same high school kids are walking out of class every day to protest? I know that they are different schools in various reports, but any reports where attendance is down significantly for multiple days at a particular school? Have things changed that much in the last 25 years that kids just ditch classes with impunity? If we were caught ditching classes we would have gotten detention on the first offense. By the second or third one we would have been suspended and it would have impacted our grades.

Maybe I am being naive and their parents are simply excusing them from classes because they think this is more worthwhile than actually learning to say “we lost, lets move on”?


This is Obama, Hillary and Sanders America.


And is this Trump’s America? This happened just a few blocks from my home.

Look, there are jerks and fools and clowns and thugs on every side of every issue.


These idiots do realize that a certain percentage of Trump supporters are armed, right? They know that?


Sadly true, the polarization of both sides though in the US seems even more extreme than the UK where although we might argue politically outside of particular locales the idea of beating up someone because they voted for a different party than you would be seen as bonkers.


The hard left in this country might be significantly harder than in yours.


That would be a correct assessment… sadly.

You can see it very clearly here on CAF as every news story becomes an opportunity to once more – and again, and again, and again – point out the foolishness, the effrontery, and arrogance, the [fill in the blank] of the other side.

Bonkers indeed.



Rioting and violence after elections is not that shocking in many parts of the world. If you look at the countries that have the largest influence on our culture (the list of top source countries for US immigrants) this shouldn’t be that surprising.


The difference is Trump looked into the camera and said stop it while Obama, Sanders and Hillary get people fired up by supporting groups like BLM and lying that Trump is a racist, bigot, homophobe and sexist. Hilary’s behavior is what’s to blame for the protests and racial divide.


I do not condone any such attacks. However Trump did stir up a lot of divisive feelings during his campaign. From his latest interviews, it seems he now would like to put that useful genie back in the bottle and be a uniter and a president for all the people. I honestly believe Trump wants to do that. However Trump may find that once started, devisiveness is not easily turned off - even with his best efforts. We are in for a world of hurt.


I thought it was Obama’s fault:rotfl:


i agree; thank jesus those forces of evil did not prevail in the US 2016 general action

where it all goes from here is up to the Holy Spirit

pray the rosary it is not too late


Obama Hilary Sanders The Media, what’s the difference :whacky:


Okay, we get it, everybody’s beating each other to smithereens. Can we please be one country again?

Note for non-Americans: You can stay your own country. I don’t want the One World Government to happen just yet.


Probably not a 15 year old, and probably not at school where this happened.


That’s alright, I tend to abide by the old line of Oscar Wilde about America:-

“America had often been discovered before Columbus, but it had always been hushed up.”


What was that Michelle Obama said about “going high”?

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