Trump supporter caught on video harassing elderly women


Oh my, look. It happens on both sides…

I’ve got more to counter the latest manufactured crisis coming from the right.


Do I have this right?

Some protesters, in the act of protesting, got heckled?

They weren’t trying to have dinner with their family, or just shopping in a store, they were actively protesting.


I think if you knock somebody’s glasses of their face it is more than heckling.


That sounds like assault (some forms of which include striking something someone is in close contact with).




Is that how we’re describing White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen now?


I always liked George Wallace’s response to hecklers;

“I love you too honey, oh I’m sorry. I thoughtt you were one of the girls.” or “I have a four letter word for you; S O A P” or “I have another word for you J O B.”,


You have to understand the liberal mindset. Only they have a right to speak and be heard. I didn’t see anything wrong. This wasn’t like when leftists ‘counter protest’ by wearing masks and using clubs to beat and chase away their opponents.


I don’t know if the action of the subject of the OP was a crime, but it sure did evidence “hate”, just like the OP itself, the purpose of which is to engender hatred for Trump and his supporters here on CAF.

Interesting that the man is identified as a “Trump supporter” without a single fact presented to establish that. Nothing.


No you don’t…especially if you use another lame excuse for justfying uncharitable behavior with the old two wrongs make a right.


We are all too often treated to threads featuring a story in which some Trump opponent says or does something beyond-the-pale. The act is treated as though it is a federal crime with much pearl-clutching, and of course the inevitable generalization: this shows how all of the [insert label/name-call] think. Will you stipulate that those threads manifest hate?

Maybe this thread was created in the interest of a kind of balance?


Are you really saying that it’s appropriate to balance hate with hate?


Sigh, what an overtly tribal environment this has become.


It sounds like trying to pick a fight, which sounds very much like heckling

Face it, the headline to this story was intentionally deceptive.

An honest reporter would have said something like
“Trump supporter caught on video harassing protesters”


No. I question your premise that opening this thread shows hatred. At the same time, if you hold to that idea, why have you not called out the all too frequent analogous threads?


Whataboutism…which you have openly called out others’ which whom you disagree. I guess it just depends on whose ox is being gored at the moment,right?


This is its own thread - how is it whataboutism?
You have called for more balance. Someone took you up on it.


I just love the way you cherry pick phrases from other posters,rather than quoting them within their proper context.Very disingenuous. You will need to as always get the last word so go for it.


Thanks for the love.
But is you are being sarcastic, please feel free to correct the record. In fact, I am nowcurious: what do you really mean by balanced?

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