Trump Supporter’s Truck Torched


Hao Lee had taken his 2-year-old son fishing on what seemed like a beautiful November afternoon. He parked his white Dodge Ram truck along Garden Highway near Elverta Road. The back bumper sporting a pair of Donald Trump stickers.

“About a couple hours into fishing I heard someone yelling out ‘F’ Trump,” recalled Lee . . .

“After that I heard glass breaking, I called 911 and a couple of minutes later I saw smoke,” he said.

I first heard about this incident . . . on the Canadian news. :o

I have heard people have had Trump campaign signs and decorations stolen from their property.


As odd as it is, I never saw a vandalized political sign until last week, a block from my house. It was a Trump sign. I’m only sharing that because I’m shocked it was the first time.


I just thought today, that my ideal candidate, who I would vote for in a second, would be…
A middleaged, happily married wife and mother, a black lady, and she would be strong in her Catholic faith, strongly oppose abortion, and she would be dignified and even have a Latino lady as her running mate! The only thing against her, unfortunately, would be that she isn’t pro-murder. Other than that, she would be everything they’re looking for.
Seriously, I wish there were a lady like that, because as I said, I would vote for her in a second, and she would stand for what is right and true, and maybe if she was black and female, people would start listening.


Back in 2004 my friend had signs for Kerry Edwards. People would take them. So what he did was put nails on it. The people doing it, stopped doing it.


Stealing political signs is big in the city nearby us; people having signs in their yards stolen frequently.

An insurance agent told me one it’s not a good plan to put a political bumper sticker on your car for it increases your rate of vandalism.


When my son and I were on our way home a couple days ago, we saw two people pulling down a giant (4’x6’) Trump/Pence sign off of someone’s fence. :tsktsk:

It was a busy road in a higher-minority area (my school district), and I thought it took some courage to put that sign up in that area.

People in that area feel personally threatened by Trump – not because they’re illegal, but because of his inflammatory talk and his history of being accused of not paying his blue-collar workers. I’m basing this on what I’ve heard from the kids in my school.

Obviously in my music class I don’t discuss anything political, but my older students are always talking with each other about this election. Assuming that they are just parroting their parents’ views, it’s HRC 25 to 1 in this community! :eek:

Absolutely NOT defending stealing, vandalism, threats, attacks, or any other such thing! :mad:

I wished I could have stopped those who were ripping that sign down. But given it was a busy street with no parking, and given the anger and acts of violence that have infused this election cycle – there was nothing to do but keep driving and pray for them.


I live in a semi rural area (i.e. horse and agricultural properties abutting a town of about 60k). One property has a large Trump sign (say 4 ft x 8 ft). About 6 weeks ago the 2x2 posts were broken and the sign thrown on the side of the road. The owner first proped it up and then later fixed the post. A few days later the sign was covered in spray paint. The owners were undeterred and fixed the damage once again.

Not only were they vandals, but they had to trespass when they hopped a barbed wire fence and climbed a 5 or 6 foot berm to do the damage.


The only vandalism I have seen (which may not have been vandalism, but it certaoly seems it is) is a Trump sign with the “T” and the “P” cut off leaving only the word “Rum”. I don’t know why anyone would do that. :shrug:


Right. I haven’t been living under a rock, so I’m surprised I hadn’t seen anything before now. It just struck me.


Where I live, Trump signs and pro-life signs get vandalized and/or stolen.

Cars with pro-life bumper stickers get plastered with abortion stickers.


And it’s unfortunate that either side does it. Nobody can say, well just liberals do it. Or only conservatives do it. Bc both sides do it. We have to understand that we have differences.


You’re under aged but some, me included, might appreciate some rum in the next few days. :wink:


Indeed. Do they even cover you or your house when you are found making political statements? I know some life insurance applications include disclosure if you plan to travel abroad, among other things.



My birthday is Wednesday, and I was thinking it might be good to take the day off and “celebrate” my day – and prepare for societal upheaval (regardless of who wins) – but I don’t drink, so it’d have to be a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday! I’m more of a Ben and jerry person then a rum person, so I’ll have some to celebrate with u in spirit.


interesting that the “tolerant” side is really intolerant … have really noticed that in my neck of the woods. Recently talked with my brother who lives a typical liberal large city and found that even he has become disgusted with what passes for “tolerance” these days.

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut in public all along. As it has become nearly impossible to have a civil conversation with an HRC voter around these parts. So I refuse to go there and I will change the subject if it comes up.


Cheers! :smiley:

Now, back to the topic for a moment…

There have been so few signs in any yards this year – it’s really the most notable aspect of candidate support this time around.

I saw one Trump sign that was vandalized to say “chump.” There is a homeowner who backyard faces a VERY busy street, and every election he posts signs on a tall posts over his back fence. What I found the most shocking was that someone managed to reach that sign to vandalize it. Super public and super dangerous! :eek:

Honestly, I marvel at the level of animosity of both sides of this election – the judgments and calumny even here on CAF among those who disagree is shocking. It’s no wonder that people are hesitant to take sides publicly with yard signs or bumper stickers.

We just need to keep praying and confessing our own sins, I think, rather than worrying about everyone else’s.

And pray for those with whom we disagree – for their safety as well.


And a lot of those same people who say they “tolerate” everything and everyone openly discriminate against the innocent unborn child.


Captain Jack Sparrow


not a rum guy, but I get the sentiment. I’ll have a bottle of scotch somewhere nearby…

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