Trump supporter shot at Cleveland bar during heated political debate


A Donald Trump supporter is recovering from a gunshot wound after he said a man who disagreed with his political views opened fire on him inside a Cleveland bar Monday.

Paul Jones Jr., 60, said he was at his neighborhood bar Winston’s Place near E. 131st Street and Miles Avenue at about 6 p.m. talking politics with a friend, a local ABC News affiliate reported.

Mr. Jones, a Vietnam veteran, said he was discussing his support for Mr. Trump as president when another man voiced his disagreement.


Comment about Trump supporting gun rights in 3, 2, 1…


I’ve seen videos of violence done against Trump supporters at rallies as well. These people need to calm down.


I’m sure they will when the KKK and other like them who Trump has energized go back into the woodwork after Trump loses in November. :thumbsup:

That said, this particular person needs to simmer down now. He’s obviously a little too anti-Trump amped if he’s shooting Trump supporters.


Yeah, we won’t have to worry after Hillary wins. She’ll get Heller overturned, all firearms will be confiscated, and she’ll stop all the hate speech from the left.


What about Trump’s supporting gun rights?


Yes! I really hope Trump loses aganist someone who was caught rigging the election, deleting incriminating emails and has four mens blood on her hands…but whatevs! Trump is stinky and sometimes says mean things!!
I didn’t like trump before but at this point he HAS to be better than Hillary. Heck my guinea pig would make a better president than her.


Why would Trump be better? Because we know pretty much nothing about him, or what his actual plans are - other than he smack talks well?


Well so far he hasn’t done anything illegal, so I’m willing to gamble with him rather than Hillary who has proven herself time and time again that she is untrustworthy


Trump supports gun rights for the law abiding. The shooter was not law abiding in this instance. Are you just trying to stir up trouble?


Watch “Hillary’s America” which was just released by Dinesh D’Sousa, and you’ll have the answer to that question.


I suggest you read up on Mr. Trump a bit more and then try typing that statement with a straight face. There’s a reason he’s been sued 3,500 times.


Tell me again about the time 4 men were killed on his watch and the election was rigged. There is literally nothing he has done compared to hillary. He’s been sued he’s paid his dues; Hillary has had absolutely 0 backlash for what she has done. You or I would be rotting in prison if we did what she did. Sorry but I’d rather vote for a guy that doesn’t have blood on his hands. Have fun voting for hillaryy though, if she wins you deserve the kind of ameRica she’ll bring


Yeah, we’ll finally have our Cohen Act. And there will be a race war, a “day of the rope”, Israel nuked, and New York nuked.


You mean the Benghazi attack? The attack the Republican congress cleared Hillary of any wrongdoing in? Please tell me again how she should have been prosecuted for that :rolleyes:

As for rigging an election, there’s been no proof of that to date. But keep saying it, it might make it true some day. The DNC favoring a candidate is not rigging an election, it’s standard procedure. I’m sure the RNC wishes they’d been as effective at doing the same against Trump as the DNC was against Sanders.


Clearly this is a very short sighted, limited statement. I’m not pro-Hilary but these statements don’t prove Trump is worth voting for, just that conspiracy theories and innuendo about a dislikeable person is enough to win elections.


Trivia Question: Who was the last KKK member to server in the Senate?

Bonus Question: What Party did he belong to?


Chain of Command means that you are responsible for the safety of everyone working underneath you.
so she IS responsible for the deaths of every State Department staff that died while serving under her. That she dismisses that responsibility doesn’t mean its not there.

She was NOT exonerated by the FBI, they pretty much laid out the proof that she did, in fact, violate the statues as written. What they recommended was no indictment for prosecution as they found no “intent” despite the statues being written with negligence as its bar, not intent.
What you see there is the miscarriage of Justice, and the favoritism it grants a certain type of person in our society. Right out in the daylight. even if you think she’d make a better politician than Trump, you should still be outraged at the failure of the system is such an out-rightly corrupt manner.

f the DNC is blaming the Russians for leaking the emails that exposed this corruption, how does she get a pass when it came to her own private unsecured email server when she was the Secretary of State? You simply cannot have this both ways. either private servers are insecure and exposed to hacking, or they aren’t. and when that private server is outside the governmental oversight as was hers when she was in the Executive Branch’s 3rd top job, that risking national security.

No proof she rigged the elections… really? How far up in the clouds is your head? take a gander at those same leaked emails within the DNC and that Debbie Wassermans Schults was basically working for her campaign directly the entire time she was the DNC leader. the information you seek is out there, go ahead and actually look at it


You’re the one making the claim, please back it up regarding election rigging. Everything else is just talk.


I don’t get how anyone can vote for Hillary. Besides the fact that she supports several non-negotiables, she’s a liar, the FBI head told us she wasn’t “sophisticated enough” to recognize a classified marking, and she just brought Debbie Schultz onto her campaign after it being shown that she colluded against Bernie.

Neither candidate is worth voting for (or shooting someone over), but Hillary is the worst of the two.

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