Trump supporters denied service at Cook Out


HEIGHTS, Va. – Shannon Riggs and her cousins expected some push back from protesters when they attended presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally in Richmond Friday night. They did not expect what happened when they stopped for dinner on the way home.
Dressed in Donald Trump shirts and hats, the family walked up to the window at the Cook Out on Boulevard in Colonial Heights to order burgers and milkshakes.


Trump supporters are mostly solid citizens - not the stuff of rioters and criminals. These young women glow with health and beauty wearing their caps and shirts. The people that acted this way toward them have the stuff of problem people. Unpleasant encounter but thankfully they were not harmed physically like the young woman that was mobbed and had eggs thrown in her face, etc. Stay aware of your surroundings and be ready to protect yourself. If you hear speech, noise, see clothing or actions that raise a sense of alarm, try not to draw attention to yourself and get safely away. Only engage to prevent harm to yourself or another using power to overcome.

In this case, file a complaint with the business (as they did) and remain upright!


I hope it was worth losing your job over. How foolish and rude.


Agreed. Business is business…Trump supporters and gay couples should both be able to get service whether ordering wedding cakes or fast food, right?


Since you know the difference between the arguments over freedom of religion and religious conscience and the arguments over “I don’t like Trump” there isn’t much point in answering that particular question, since everyone can tell you aren’t serious anyway.

Regardless, the matter was handled by the business, not the court system luckily. That would seem to be the best way to go in either case.


No, I agree…fortunately there is no law or business requirement for me to feed anyone visiting me who wears Trump gear! :smiley:


No, and the business (IMO) should have that right. There will be no shortage of competitors who will scoop them up. In this case, this business thought the cashier was out of line with their business model, and took action as they saw fit. Similarly, a gay couple could simply find another baker.

No court system needed.


Judging from the posts in the numerous threads about bakers and gay customers, you and I might be the only two who agree on this.


I think you might find a lot more people here who agree with you than disagree with you.

The problem is that there are two groups of people who society has deemed it acceptable for people to say or treat in a manner that is not tolerated for any other grouping of people. They are Christians (Catholics in particular, because other Christian denominations feel that they are entitled to treat Catholics like people treat them) and conservatives.

Two gay men in rainbow hats or the two wearing Black Power hats will never get turned away from a meal or told to their face that they are idiots. The person wearing the Make America Great Hat, the WWJD hat, or the I Love the Pope hat will have a worse experience in many more places. And many people will congratulate the person treating the Christian or Conservative poorly, because society tells them it is ok.

If you don’t believe me, try discussing your Catholic beliefs that only men should be allowed to be Priests or a conservative belief such as marriage is between one man and one woman while sitting in a college classroom. Your experience will be eye opening.


Don’t you see a difference between providing somebody regular fast food, and ordering a cake/flowers/photography for a wedding?


I would agree with that assessment as well. Businesses not the government should decide.


Political beliefs are not a “protected class”. You may, if you wish, refuse to hire, rent to, serve, &c Democrats, Republicans. Greens or whoever.

Oddly, you have a 1st Amendment right (freedom of speech) not to print posters for a candidate you find repugnant (easy since there are two running this year) but not a 1st Amendment right to refuse to bake a cake or take photos for a gay wedding.


Company Statement Regarding Colonial Heights, VA Cook Out:

In response to an incident that occurred June 10th at our Colonial Heights, VA location a customer was not denied service. However, a Cook Out employee did violate our policy on rudeness when taking a customer’s order. The manager on duty immediately had someone else take the customer’s order.

After placing her order, we understand that the customer remained dissatisfied with her experience. The manager on duty apologized and granted the customer a refund when requested.

The employee that was rude was immediately terminated per policy. This was an isolated action of a single person and does not represent the principles on which Cook Out operates. To deny anyone from eating at one of our restaurants would never cross our mind and of course, would be totally ludicrous.


I thought refusing essential service was a great crime? I guess not. I think they made the right call in not eating there. Jesse Jackson bragged about how he used to spit in White people’s food. They may have gotten the same treatment. Personally I’d not order food with Trump clothing on.


what’s happened to this country?
I work in the service industry-what If I refused to serve someone with a Hillary Clinton T-shirt?
It would be all over the news.
I would never do that, or course.


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