Trump taps retired four-star Gen. John Kelly to head Homeland Security


Trump taps retired four-star Gen. John Kelly to head Homeland Security, according to people close to transition.


Good. Now maybe we can realistically and aggressively confront the true threats to our security instead of things like the current “TSA theatre” focusing on the incontinent elderly, breast implants, and wheelchair-confined children.


John Kelly should be exceptional in this role.


How are they going to do that any differently? TSA airport security is low level, basically untrained theatre, that will not change without a workforce changeover that can take a decade.


Do you suggest we don’t do anything??? God Bless, Memaw


Another general? And here I thought Trump assured America that he knew more than the generals do.


Well who do these ex - generals answer to ? We are at war with terrorism and we’ve got a border security mess to clean up.

Trump is assembling a team of men who will get it done. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be beautiful !

Just ask him :slight_smile:


That depends. If doing something makes the situation worse, then yes, do nothing. If the idea is to fire everyone at TSA, certify them as federal armed airport police with actual standards, well that is doing something. That something is very expensive and will take at least 5 years to begin and 10 to implement.


Abolish the department. Appointing someone for the position just reinforces its uselessness.


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