Trump Team May Move West Wing Briefings to Expand Capacity


Pence says tremendous interest in covering new administration
Chief of staff says current briefing room will be overwhelmed

My understanding is that they want to invite bloggers to attend.

There were over 400 reporters at Trump’s last press conference, the WH room holds 40 or so.

In the past to get credentials to the WH press room you had to be vetted by a committee created by those who were already allowed in. To say that those invited were the elite of the elite would be an understatement.


How about an open air, unheated area in the park across the street…it would keep the pressers short 'n sweet! :slight_smile:


Good. Maybe someone new out there can report objectively on the news and not their own opinions, like in the old days, when the news media had some creditability. :cool:


I like it!


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