Trump & the Seven Deadly Sins


What I would like to do here is to take a look at Donald Trump’s words and actions and see how they match up with what the Church has long recognized as the “Seven Deadly Sins”.

For those here at CAF who may not be familiar with or remember much about them, they and their explanation can be found here:

So, how does Trump stack up to these, iyo, and are his words and actions compatible with these teachings of things to avoid and, therefore, compatible with what the Church teaches?

Here they are:
gluttony (overconsumption of various items)


Which words, exactly?


I would probably note that attempting to pass judgement on the state of another’s soul is a pretty prideful act.


I think the problem is that 99% of posters on CAF seem to love to make accusations. Some Trump supporters seem to want to call other posters haters, yet when they are called on the accusation they become silent. Some posters claim people are greedy, others claim people are envious. Most of the time these are accusations made without any evidence. Truth is often sacrificed at the altar of CAF.


I read an interesting epithet applied to many Trump supporters; “King Cyrus Christians”. As you may recall, King Cyrus of Persia freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity and sent them home with money to rebuild the temple. But Cyrus was a pagan and remained one.

Trump let the Little Sisters off the hook with the Obama HHS Mandate, reinstated the Mexico City Policy, has presided over significant economic improvement, has improved defense, crushed ISIS and many other things. If, indeed, Trump has committed more sins than Metis has (and that’s by no means a certainty) then that’s between him and God.


To be fair, John the Baptist chastized Herod for divorcing his wife and marrying another. He lost his head over that one. I guess according to some here he was too obsessed with Herod’s sex life.


Or maybe don’t want to waste time arguing something that is so self-evident…


Is this like bingo? Do we get cards?

Or more like a scavenger hunt?


Or they are just too pleased with their own pronouncements. After all, few Trump supporters claim to be the sharpest knives in the drawer.


Trump supporters do tend to be humble, despite being perfect in every way…


At least as humble as the Donald, I will give you that one.


Bacause I guess right and wrong, good and evil don’t matter. The end justifies the means.

As Catholics, we are supposed to pretend wrong is not wrong?


Like I have always said, I can understand the argument of a lessor evil, but the idea that me have some sort of moral obligation to ignore Trump’s many moral failings just doesn’t make any sense to me.


Who argues that we have a moral obligation to ignore Trump’s moral failings?


So are you arguing that this comment just reflects your own moral failings?




How does that comment argue that you, or anyone else, is morally obligated to ignore what they perceive as Trump’s moral failings? I may think obsessing over Trump’s moral failings is silly, but I’ve never argued that it’s a moral failing.


If Trump’s “moral failings” only affected Trump, that would be one thing; but if Trump’s “moral failings” also negatively affected others, that’s quite another. Adultery affects others, for just one example. Tax cuts that help him and other wealthy individuals while hurting the poor and ramping-up the deficit that negatively affects us down the road is another example.

But what’s missing is that none of the Trump defenders has chosen to evaluate Trump’s words and actions based on the SDS. Is that because they really know that he fits all too well into most of them but simply want to avoid saying as such? Why is it that many of these same people can attack others but then chafe if someone dares to attack the Donald?

IMO, the only one that Trump doesn’t seem to fit comfortably into is “sloth”, although one can argue that he does on the basis that he simply doesn’t like doing his “homework”. But since he seems to fit all too well within at the least six others, how could a conscientious Catholic actually excuse him and his actions? I simply can’t see how based on Catholic social teachings.


I do see it in other threads.


Isn’t it lovely when posters on CAF sow harmony with their wonderful, non-controversial posts?

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