Trump thinks Fox News should help him get elected



This should be no surprise. Other networks tried to stop him from being elected. The only real lesson here is that FOX is not fair and balanced. CNN is the most centrist of the networks, in my own experience.

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He expects a news network to facilitate his re-election and calls people “garbage”.

Good to know.



FOX dropped the “fair and balanced” line a few years ago. Even they knew it wasn’t true.

I think I’ve realized in the last month or two that Trump has only had success in reality TV. He failed at business, leaving a trail of lawsuits and bankruptcies.

So, view all of his actions through the TV showman lens. He thinks of himself as a star and Fox as his network.

He is responsible for ratings and ads?
I think he could pass a polygraph test easily if you asked him that. In fact if he answered no, he would fail.

Donna Brazile works for FOX?

Yep. Something you won’t see much on the supposedly “mainstream” news like CNN.

Yet, somehow, FOX is despised by leftists almost as much as Trump is.

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From what I’ve seen, leftists despise neither Fox News nor Trump. They are known for what they are, basically.

You couldn’t pay me to watch CNN or MSNBC.

I certainly don’t sit around and watch FOX all day. I like Bil
Hemmer. I like Laura Ingrahm.

President Trump shouldn’t complain because Joe has ALL the liberal media
behind him. I think if Goofy or Pluto was a democrat they would all be behind him 100% for president!

From what I see on FOX, he still gets plenty of support and it is better than nothing. The republican candidate will never have the huge coverage and
support as the democrat candidate.

I don’t think any candidate should expect “support” from a media outlet. A fair shake, yes.

The liberal media as vast as it is wil always support the liberal candidate, no
matter how bad they are. The liberal candidate knows it and expects it.
That goes for print media too. Why do you think Joe is so cocky?

I don’t think your post could be proven by a study of “liberal” media. Could it? Can you?

The President’s biggest dig at media outlets is that they don’t cover his supposed “good news”. His complaint is that they are always writing bad news about him, when, objectively, he generates a lot of news on his own that isn’t “good”.

FOX news gives him plenty of credit when he deserves it.

The will never give credit to Trump for anything.

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If you expect a network to advocate for you, how is that not fake news by definition?

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