Trump Thread Two

The old Trump thread is running a little long, so I thought I’d start this before the other one was locked.

Carry on.

My brother told me what might conceivably happen in case of a Trump victory:

Trump wins and becomes POTUS; Mike Pence becomes VP. Nobody in the establishment from either party likes Donald Trump, so the entirety of Congress, left and right, watches him like a hawk until he does something stupid and they can impeach him. When they announce the impeachment, Donald Trump either fights the impeachment and loses (because nobody in the Senate wants him to stay and a two-thirds vote shouldn’t be that hard to come by) or resigns to avoid the disgrace. Either way, we see Mike Pence, a far more establishment politician, become the 46th President of the United States.

Illuminati confirmed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, Trump will suspend Congress and disband the Supreme Court. Then he will set himself up as dictator for life.

They’ll wait until the end of January 2019 to impeach him so Pence can still run for two terms. That’s my prediction anyway. I thought Trump should appoint someone scarier than himself as V.P. as a sort of insurance policy.

Only if his eyes glow yellow. I could see this in Hilary since she hates the 2nd amendment…

I like the idea that he will be watched like a hawk - every POTUS should be. Unlike Hillary that is untouchable.

I don’t think the President is allowed to “suspend Congress”. I’m pretty sure the conversation would be:

Evil Trump: Y’all are suspended! Go home and never come back!
Congress: You’re weird.

And then they’d impeach him for trying.

It’s not that easy to impeach POTUS.

Yes it is; all that needs to happen is for half of the House to say “bring it on”.

It is not that big a deal. Look at Bill Clinton.

Trump certainly would love to do that, given his terrifyingly authoritarian demeanor. But it is unlikely to happen. The military would assassinate him.

This may not quite be Hitler Germany after all, even though Trump’s rise very much reminds me of Hitler 1933 (that parallel has been frequently drawn, by the way).

Godwin’s Law invoked; conversation over. You lose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, read this essay, then come back to the Trump campaign and see how many marks he checks.


Equating any US politician or major political parties with fascists or communists is against the forum rules.

Talk about something else.


No personal attacks towards candidates or anyone else
No political cartoons
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Keep the discussion charitable towards all parties, including politicians.

Trump would save America from liberalism either way. I do not believe that he is a fascist though.

Kudos for the notice. Won’t do again.

Applauding Mr. Cruz for not nominating Mr. Trump.

I would like to dedicate Christina Agulara’s song, “Cruz” to Mr. Cruz and all the republicans who will also abstain from voting for Mr Trump as president.

The sky is falling!

…subscribed to thread.

Thanks for the warning!

Do you seriously believe that?

Trump Rehashes JFK Conspiracy Theory Linking Ted Cruz’s Father To Lee Harvey Oswald
“There’s a picture, and that’s the only thing I know,” Trump said.

I don’t understand why he is still talking about this.

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