Trump threatens to cut funding to schools that do not reopen

Seems like a common sense move. No sense in throwing money at a school that’s not open.


He said he disagrees with the Center for Disease Control based on the expense of the guidelines, not based on science or medicine. Tell me again how the president is pro-life, not just anti-abortion?


In my area the school superintendents are meeting in a week or so to decide how to open schools safely.

In the meantime, the districts are trying to line up extra janitorial and nursing staff.

The local colleges are trying approaches that range from half the students in-class and the other on Zoom (then switch at the next class day) to trying to close the campus to visitors to not letting the students leave campus until Thanksgiving.

Yup, a big ol’ honkin’ train wreck :tram: :steam_locomotive::boom::neutral_face:


What about commuter students? I was a commuter student who went to a college where about 75% were dormers.


I hope the school do open this fall. I know 2 of my nephews have come to despise online learning. One nephew was a HS Senior when the virus shut his school down, and turned classes into online courses. He was vocal about his displeasure. The nephew is now set to attend USC in the fall and was glad to learn recently that USC has decided to open their doors in the fall for students. If they had not opened I believe he was thinking of taking the year off.

The other nephew has been taking online college courses this summer and greatly dislikes on line learning. He’s ready for in person classes to begin.


Hence, the train wreck

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The NY Times is reporting that the CDC will revise their school opening guidelines in response to Trump’s attacks on them.

Seems like Trump & Co. haven’t learned anything from the past five months. The Covid is in the driver’s seat here.


I think each community needs to look at the current impact and numbers of infected within their community and base their decisions upon that. There are areas with little to no Covid and areas with the infections running rampant.

Any school district needs to also have plans on being able to rapidly shift if they go from low to high numbers. I have my grandkids part time and as much as I would love to continue isolation for myself, it isn’t practical nor desired for my grandkids. I suppose I’m going to be exposed at some point and I’d rather be exposed by grandkids returning to school (we are) than just some random person in the grocery store. I’ll take the risk for their education sake.


My kids aren’t in school anymore, but my school district pretty publicly crashed and burned when they tried to do video learning after the shutdown. They are in the top 15 by size, and totally screwed it up.

They are now giving parents two choices for fall - two days a week in class and self directed on other days, or total distance learning. No one is happy and it’s a circus.


Other countries are figuring it out without catastrophe. This story discusses multiple countries.

In NY/NJ the virus is taken very seriously - it looks like our public schools will reopen but only partially - kids will attend in person two or three days per week on a rotating basis so that they and their teachers can socially distance adequately, in line with public health experts’ recommendations.


Do we know what the current guidelines from the CDC are? Someone should post them.

It would seem odd to criticize the president for disagreement with something we have no knowledge of.

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I think we can look at motivation and education of the parties and make a reasonable guess which one to follow.

I think this is it, though:

One would think.
But the school local to my location has told school employees that if they have ever had covid, they are not to go in.

And also claiming that is a CDC guideline.

So it seems to me a truthful review of what these guidelines are needs to be done.


It’s another of Trump’s tantrums because the only thing on his mind is re-election.
All the times he has talked about schools must open he has never even once said the word “SAFELY”. He doesn’t care about the children.

He doesn’t anyway have the authority to stop school funding.


The children have a 0% death rate according to the CDC. They’re at the lowest risk. There’s no reason they can’t be in school.


You really don’t get it do you? You are right to say young people will likely not be badly affected if they get covid-19. However, if they get it they can pass it on to their parents or grandparents which could potentially kill them.

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So, who’s going to teach them?

And many children have died if covid, or have faced an illness similar to Kawasaki disease.

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