Trump Tower website has outage after Anonymous' anti-Trump rant


                                           I'm expecting Trump's numbers to go up :thumbsup:


May God protect all candidates for President. They sacrifice much to serve us.
St. Michael the Archangel help us in this land where Satan is Prince of the Earth.




I don’t support any of anonymous’ activity. I see them as a terrorist organisation. There is protesting and then there is, well, being silly.

Threatening people’s own livelihoods and destroying what is theirs just happens to be wrong. If they are capable of doing this - then I’m quite sure the reverse is possible, and people associated with such groups could be brought to justice if necessary. No one does, of course, but I feel as though the option is there.

Of course, if they could take down China’s computers and some of the scammer’s elaborate plus maybe stuff in the DPRK - I would consider that appropriate and maybe even ‘just.’

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