Trump travel ban: Airlines allow banned nationals after Seattle ruling


Air France and Qatar Airways say they are allowing nationals targeted by a US travel ban to board flights to America, after a federal judge suspended the controversial move.

“Nationals from the countries concerned are being authorised to fly once again to the United States, providing their papers and visas are in order,” Air France spokesman Herve Erschler said.

An estimated 60,000 people from the seven countries affected had their visas cancelled because of the ban. The customs department said those visas would now be reissued, and the people involved were free to travel to the US.




Wouldn’t that be promoting felony? I guess if the federal judge suspended the ban, then it’s not really resisting at this point, though.


Don’t they have to?



I agree.


How is it a felony when:
a) it was a unilateral Executive Order, not legislation passed through Congress, to begin with
b) a judge has ruled the EO illegal

Acting against Trump’s wishes is now the equivalent of a felony?


Right. I realized that in my second sentence. :smiley:


Didn’t the suspension just get suspended though?


All I know if there’s another terror attack from immigrants, illegals or refugees, Donald J. Trump will not be held responsible.

That’s the price.


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