Trump travel ban: Thousands join protests across UK


**Trump travel ban: Thousands join protests across UK

Thousands of people have joined protests in London and in cities around the UK against a controversial travel ban on seven mainly Muslim countries imposed by US President Donald Trump.

The ban bars citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.
MPs are holding an emergency debate on the immigration measures.

A petition calling for PM Theresa May to cancel Mr Trump’s planned state visit to the UK has gathered more than 1.5 million signatures.

The demonstration in London, organised by author and columnist Owen Jones, took place outside 10 Downing Street.

The crowd chanted slogans including “shame on May”. Reporters at the scene said there were several thousand people on the streets.

The prime minister’s office said earlier in the day that Mrs May was “very happy” to extend the invitation to Mr Trump on behalf of the Queen.

Mrs May is also facing growing calls to say whether she was briefed on the controversial travel ban when she met Mr Trump in Washington last week.

Labour politicians including Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott addressed the crowd.

Demonstrations also took place in Manchester, where about 3,000 people attended.

Crowds also attended protests in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Gloucester, Leeds, York, Liverpool, Leicester and several other towns and cities…

Mrs May has faced heavy criticism for refusing several times to condemn the crackdown when asked during a visit to Turkey.

Downing Street issued a statement late on Saturday night saying that the prime minister “does not agree” with Mr Trump’s travel ban but that US immigration was a “matter for the government of the United States”.**


Soros is out of control!


It seems fishy to me when thousands of people in various places can be gathered so fast so often. It doesn’t seem so much spontaneous as orchestrated.


It is. Really if the progressives don’t have 3-5 times the number of crowds a normal grassroots would, it’s really a failure as Glenn Beck would say.

They always bus people in, pre-organize and do various gimmicks to get people to show up. And it sometimes they don’t stay for that long.

So really, just how good is the cause to begin with?


One more thing----this isn’t a Muslim ban. It only is focused on 7 of the 52 Muslim-majority countries and relates to terrorism only, not Islam.

BTW, if this order were directed at Catholics, 95% of these folks would be at home watching TV in both the US and the UK.

Oh, and where has everyone been the last 6 years when President Obama was doing this?

You’d almost think now that we have a president of a different race and political party that someone said it’s okay to come out now and act like there’s some principles or something? :blush:


Was he being mean-spirited about it? It would have bothered me certainly having Muslim neighbors and a mosque nearby. Somehow I feel less safe under Trump but don’t let that stop you from claiming he’s making America safe with his EOs. :rolleyes:


Is this a prelude to prepare for the Brexit debate?


There appears to be a ready made army of Left anarchist protesters that can seemingly be rolled out on demand. A little scary.

I wonder if they all have brown shirts?


Got a feeling that for most of them, this isn’t their first or second or twentieth protest they’ve been on.


It’s a ban that disproportionately affects Muslims and he campaigned on a tots Muslim ban, so he gets zero sympathy. I hope there are protestors around the White House 24/7. The Catholic community and the world aren’t going to accept this.


Polls indicate on this forum at least, that quite a few Catholics support the President.


You don’t know what you are talking about. What are you protesting? We need to protect our borders against terrorists. We can’t just keep taking in any old thing. There needs to be more scrutiny.


What a joke this is! A country that bars Catholics from the crown gets the vapors over ANOTHER COUNTRY slowing down the visa process for 7/40ths or so of the Muslim countries in the world that are war zones and have no effective governments.

But, of course, as I understand it, uncontrolled immigration was one of the causes of Brits voting for Brexit, so these protesters are probably just the usual Soros mercenaries.


Well, the Catholic world accepted Tours, the Reconquista, Jan Sobieski at Vienna, and Lepanto, so perhaps it will accept this better than some think.


All of which were directed against…expansionist Islamic military powers, not fleeing refugees and ordinary travellers. :rolleyes:


Oh? Which ones are which?

ISIS tells us there are terrorists among them, and the contingent of young men seems very disproportionately high.

Just give us a list of the ones who are terrorists, and you’ll make the government very happy and save it a lot of time and expense.


Without the lefties, the LGBTQIAXYZ whatevers, and Muslims, I wonder how many protesters they’d actually have.




So, just so we are clear: this is NOT a protest of the policy under Obama just before he left office to cancel out refugee provisions for Cubans?


To the OP, so what?

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