Trump v. Clinton matchup has Catholic leaders scrambling

Catholics are scrambling in a race likely to pit one candidate whose immigration views clash with Church teaching, against another supporting same-sex marriage, abortion and contraception.

Sorry, someone who has silly views on immigration is not in the same position as someone is openly and vehemently pro-abortion.

I sympathize with those who say they don’t really know where Trump stands, but how that can excuse a person from voting, by proxy, for someone whose positions they know all-too-well is simply beyond me.

Voting for someone who may not be as pro-life as they claim =/= voting for someone who is adamantly pro-choice.

Looks like they’ve already edited the article (without notation) to correct the error.

With the general election matchup coming into focus, some Catholic leaders in the U.S. find themselves scrambling to figure out what to make of a race between one candidate whose views on immigration clash with decades of Catholic pro-immigration work, and another who supports same-sex marriage and expanded access to abortion and contraception.

I think some people are genuinely surprised to find out the opinion of some bishops is not Church teaching.

I cannot morally vote for Hillary Clinton based on her moral stances, with her being pro-choice. Feel free to disagree, but I don’t think any Catholic can morally vote for her, with her pro-abortion views.

There is no clash between Trumps position on immigration and Church teachimg

I don’t think that most Catholic leaders are scrambling. The choice is pretty obvious.

And even if there were, that does not trump the violations of the right to life (abortion) and the sanctity of marriage (gay marriage) that the other candidate’s party has systematically supported for over a decade. :mad:

Those who are grumbling about Trump’s personality are welcome to a trade with our Prime Minister. I’ll gladly take the Donald, or even Donald Duck, over him. :stuck_out_tongue:

I note that most who were quoted are in the “liberal” camp and among them few would
ever vote for the Republican candidates!! Paraphrasing Star Parker : Abortion will
(continue to discimate the black community) until voters hate abortion more than they hate
Now please know that I have little love for Trump, but it still comes down to a vote for him
or an unabashedly pro-abortion “no-holds-barred” Clinton. And I will not sit home, because
that is a vote for her…

Notice that the word “illegal” is rarely mentioned.

It’s not just Trump’s view on immigration. His pro-torture stance is sickening, and in direct opposition to Catholic teaching.

**Characterizing any US politician as “vehemently pro-abortion” is not correct.
The politicians that say that abortion is a good and under-used procedure are in China where abortion is legally required as a method of population control.
Some US politicians recognise the fact that tragedy of pregnancy termination is sometimes medically necessary.
The problem is not with these politicians, but rather with doctors who prescribe abortion at the request of the patient when it is not medically necessary.

Mrs. Clinton is not “vehemently pro-abortion.” Such a statement is really just slander. **

His pro-torture stance is sickening,

Personally I think he needs to clarify this is the most ridiculous gibberish he spoke, and I do think this whole foreign policy issue is a major concern with him that needs clarification.

That said Catholic Vote is independent of the Church and while I agree with much of their take I don’t feel as strongly as they do and feel Hillary and Kerry again is unacceptable.

That and the murdering terrorists’ families, which is against Catholic teaching as well.

She supports the right of a woman to pay someone to kill their child. Not slander, just the truth.

Exactly what is Trump saying on immigration? I don’t follow the news. And anyway, the president can say whatever he wants, but if the thing isn’t approved by the Senate, nothing will happen. And besides, one of the points of the Republican party is to secure our borders, it says so on their website. I see no wrong with that. I mean, you want to immigrate to the US? Do so by legal means.

Not that Trump supported it, which he didn’t.

One shouldn’t be sickened over something about which he knows nothing.

To my understanding, he spoke approvingly of waterboarding, which the Church has never condemned.

Otherwise, he didn’t specify any particular method of interrogation.

But if you have specific things he advocates and specific Church teachings against them, then you can post them.

If one hates Trump just because one hates him, that person should just say so.

. . . .:amen:

Unless things change drastically between now and election day I shall gladly vote for Trump.

Time to clean house.

Enough of the lying, career politician Clintons and their cronies!


The border has such conflicting optics.

They appear to have a border crisis.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 27,754 unaccompanied children were taken into custody by border officials during the six months ending March 31 — the first six months of fiscal year 2016. That’s a 78 percent increase from the 15,616 apprehended in the corresponding time frame last year.

Similarly, CBP reported that 32,117 family units — defined as at least one child traveling with at least one adult — were apprehended in the first six months of fiscal year 2016, a 131 percent increase over the 13,913 family units caught in fiscal year 2015.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Thursday that the southwest border is secure enough that the government should now turn its attention to trying to legalize illegal immigrants.

In an interview with KTAR radio in Phoenix, Mrs. Clinton said improvements under President George W. Bush and President Obama, including several hundred miles of fencing, have cut net illegal immigration from Mexico to zero. "It’s just not happening any more.”

“The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. When they say they don’t care about their lives, you have to take out their families." - Donald Trump

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