Trump vows to defund Planned Parenthood



And yet, a great many Catholics are voting for Hillary Clinton who wants to defend Planned Parenthood and lax the laws on abortion. :eek:


Trump can certainly submit a budget to congress which has no funding going to Planned Parenthood; but congress can insert it into the annual appropriations and authorizations bills. Or, as they’re trying to do with the Zika funding bill, insert it into some other spending bill.

I think he could still direct any government agency provided funding authorized to go to PP to simply not execute the funding.


I can’t wait till he faces off with HilLIARy in a week.

Make America Great Again!


Hillary Clinton was honored to receive the Margaret Sanger Award in 2009. I often wondered why she didn’t turn it down.


What was the name of that fellow who videotaped interviews with Planned Parenthood executives and had them admit on television how they “harvested” unborn babies so they could be sold for their parts.


I am quick to note that I do not publicly support any presidential candidate or any other office. I am more interested in hearing the forum members opinions regarding the news report.


Sandra Merritt and David Delaiden from The Center for
Medicsl Progress.






I don’t get it.
Why would he want to defund Planned Parenthood when he and the women in his life have always used “artificial” birth control?



On another thread, he proposed birth control without prescriptions. That would take away one of the needs of Planned Parenthood, if indeed prescriptions are one of its functions.

As I noted before, removing restrictions on birth control is one position the Democrats can easily support.


…and one Democrat politicians won’t support due to their unbreakable ties to Planned Parenthood.


Maybe, but it would be for political reasons IMO. Take away PP and you may find some common ground, maybe.

For the record I don’t support birth control with or without prescription. I merely tried to make a point.


If Planned Parenthood does lose it’s grip on the Democratic Party, it’ll be interesting to see if the Party itself can change into something more mainstream rather than the leftist organization it has morphed into.


Hillary accepted the Margaret Sanger Award in 2009. Was honored to do so.


I don’t know. PP was set up by Eisenhower and others for humanitarian reasons. It became problematic after abortion was made legal. I do note that it is not even hinted that anyone is trying to abolish PP altogether.


Defund - Refund, Defend - End, "what’s the difference …? " said my friend
“They are the same as same can be …” (So why not vote for Hillary?).

I WAS invited … but decline … I see distinctions at this time
I’m for defunding Plann’d Parenthood – 'cos I-M-O they are not good.

It’s not just this … and I’m not bought
but TRUE? – and Trump’s better than I thought. :tiphat:

I have Catholic friends (and relatives) who give me their version of electoral “relativity” - always with the idea that since one is just as (bad/good) as the other … why don’t I change. :whistle: :nope:


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