Trump wants more Christian immigration

Though you won’t read about it in the establishment media, Trump has been making repeated comments about persecuted Christians in Syria and the difficulty they’ve had in coming to the West as refugees or asylum seekers.

At a speech in Las Vegas last weekend, Trump said those persecuted for their Christian faith by Muslims in Syria ought to be brought to America. And, if he were president, he’d make sure they get a one-way ticket to that safe haven.


Does Trump call himself Christian, by the way? Is that part of his Presidential sales pitch/self-promotion?

Woukd this mean that his state department would not turn away refugees from the m.e. fleeing religious persecution?

Just part of a counter-spin given the fallout from his anti-Mexican comment. No apology, just an inconsistency.

at the moment some Muslims along with Christians and other religioua sects are all being persecuted by ISIS.

I like the fact that he is recognizing the need for the Christian Syrian refugees to have America as a place of refuge.

Just curious. Is Trump Catholic?
Also, Christians are being persecuted in our own country. Maybe he should start talking about that first.

Well, we’re not being hunted and killed, so there’s that…

More Christian immigrants…just not Mexican?


Trump is proving more of an asset to the Democrats and doer of harm to the Republicans than GOP opponents could every hope for.

The GOP had been get him under control, or we better get used to saying, “President Clinton” again.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has apparently been twittering The Donald threatening messages to tone down his rhetoric a bit. I would have to guess that Trump might actually take those warnings to heart, considering cold-blooded, vicious Mexican drug lords are not generally people you want to cross, even if you’re rich with tons of bodyguards.:shrug:

I’m not sure Trump really wants more immigration or even the office of the presidency. Certainly he doesn’t need more money, although he may want that. What he appears to want above all, however, is to be relevant and that the public pay attention to him.

I agree.

He just wants attention.

I would say refugees, not immigrants…?

So he wants to wall off Mexico, which is 85% Catholic, yet present himself as pro Christian immigration?

He should help the Republicans by moving to the Cayman Islands for the next eight years.



He also sees how the economy has been the past 7 or 8 years and how are country has gone down the wrong path. He wants to shake people awake and work on getting the country going in the right direction again.

I wish he were more prudent with his words. Or show at least a bit of compassion. He’s only hurting the GOP.

It sickens me that the administration appears to be ignoring this humanitarian crisis. Perhaps Syrian Christian immigrants would not vote Democrat…? :shrug:

And to those who are trying to compare the two, most “Mexican Catholics” are not crossing the border to avoid being burned alive, drowned, beheaded, sold into slavery, or crucified. Just sayin.

Selling into slavery, no, but beheadings and hanging from bridges does happen relatively often in MX.


Not yet.

No, he identifies as a Presbyterian, although he married his current wife Melania in the Episcopal Church.

Although Trump has never expressed any negative opinions about Catholics, he has stated his admiration for the late Protestant minister Norman Vincent Peale, who was vocally anti-Catholic (although in his defence I don’t even know if Trump is aware of this).

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