Trump wants the country "open" in less than 3 weeks

So much for flattening the curve.

The problem with that theory puer.dei, is that
there is another “curve” that you are ignoring.

The “curve” of mortality and morbidity associated with a destroyed economy.

Just ask Venezuela about it.

After awhile, you get to the point of diminishing returns with continued panic.

We are probably still in acceptable shape, but we MAY have already surpassed that point of diminishing returns.

We’ve gotta look at the risk-benefit ratio.


risk-benefit ratio of what?

sallybutler . . .

risk-benefit ratio of what?

Well think about it.

There are health benefits of a national quarentine.
There are heath risks with a national quarentine too if the economy tanks.

Sooner or later everyone sitting at home, will result in the economy being destroyed.

And the Wuhan Corona Virus will still be with us.

People and medical centers are already rationing their medications because with everyone sitting at home they cannot get enough.

My neighbor who needed a shot went in and the hospital would only give him HALF his dose for this reason.

What do you think happens when truckers are hunkering-down at home instead of delivering food?

So what numbers do you plug in? how much economic pain versus lower death rate is not acceptable? What is your recommendation?


sallybutler . . .

So what numbers do you plug in? how much economic pain versus lower death rate is not acceptable? What is your recommendation?

“My recomendation” is irrelevant.

The point is, sooner or later you must carry on with economic discourse otherwise
the cure will be worse than the disease.

There are some things “Central Planning” just cannot fix.


The doctors at CDC are mostly great with medical advice.

But they are NOT economists in any way, shape or form.

They wouldn’t know a cost/benefit analysis if it hit them over the head.

What good is it to have a lengthy lockdown such as the one just ordered by California Governor Gavin Newsom if it results in an economy so trashed there are far too few jobs to return to? Not to mention no resources left to combat a possible second wave of Covid-19? Which we in all likelihood will get.

Let me put it this way for those here who live on their pension checks and pontificate at the rest of us: what good is the lockdown if the economy gets trashed enough to eviscerate the pension fund you are dependent on? How will you feel if your check gets cut or worse, simply not issued? How will you feel when the revenues drop too much for the entity you retired from to make good on what it owes your pension fund? How will you feel if the pension fund you depend on finds its investments trashed? Is that real enough for you? Is that a little too close to home now? Did I just make you uncomfortable? Are you going to go into denial about how your benefits are “guaranteed”? The trashed economy will laugh at you. Cannot squeeze water from stone. Gonna need Moses to help out. Good luck with that.


I think the president has done a remarkably good job with this, but I would not want to be in his shoes over the next three weeks. He has to balance the Chinese coronavirus threat and the economy. Tens of millions of Americans will loss their jobs. The health issues around that are monumental, as well.
It is always a balancing act, and with an hostile and overtly pro-Democrat media who will do everything they can to destroy him regardless of cost to the country, he needs to be flawless.


I suspect if government or private pensions were frozen or the funds used to keep other people employed during the crisis, we would see things somewhat differently. There is no perfect solution in a crisis, but you can’t just tell millions of people “too bad” either medically, or in terms of how they will eat and stay clothed.


How do you keep them frozen when the economy they depend on gets trashed? That is not realistic thinking in any way, shape or form. How will you ensure that the pension funds can remain funded in the face of falling revenues? Hey you’re going to need Moses to call water from that stone. As I have said, good luck with that.

It’s a tradeoff.

My point is to take the funds from government pensions to fund the rest of the people out of work.

I think this is an unfair idea and hardly practical, but I daresay people would not be as glib about finding a way for people to maintain their income if suddenly their own income was gone and they were told “its okay, its for the greater good.”

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I don’t know. I think death (from a non-Christian view) is worse. But that is just me.

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Okay I can see your point.

Remember it is government-paid bureaucrat doctors who will never know the pain of missing paychecks who are demanding lockdowns long enough to trash the economy. They have no skin in the game. No shame either.

Tradeoffs have to be made.

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The Federal Reserve has dropped interest rates to 0.5%. It has put in 1 trillion dollars and is doing other things. The Federal Government’s package went from $1 trillion to 1.3 to 1.4 to about $2 trillion now. The Stock Market is up past 20,000. It has to be that way because investors don’t want anyone else jumping in once the Stimulus Package is passed.

Like Amazon hiring 150,000 people and Walmart 100,000. How is that possible now? They are doing it and another company announced hiring 50,000 - regardless of what might happen. So open in 3 weeks? Sure. Why not?

I’m not claiming to have the right answer on this one, just offering up that we already make this trade-off every year with the flu. We “accepted” 61,000 flu deaths in 2017-2018…not shutting down the country.


And are you going to continue to practice social distancing on Easter? Or whatever date Trump and the other economic leaders say is the date where the virus, while still contagious and running amok, is not as important as spending money is.

Just curious

Yup. I will be prudent.

There are some aspects of the economy that could get to work relatively safe…like construction sights. Probably not bars.

To me, that means that you don’t really trust Trump and the other leaders about that date.

It’s a balancing act. Should we shut down the country to avoid 60,000 flu deaths every year?

Here’s the spirit…us old folks should “win one for the gipper” so to speak…if we die off it will be knowing we are doing it for the benefit of the country.

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