Trump wants the country "open" in less than 3 weeks

Let’s see now…everyone goes back to work…it’s now impossible to social distance…people are passing covid19 to everyone else…100’s, 1000’s, 1,000,000 die…no no more workers, no more economy.

Countries who do the right thing and put people before money, recover and prosper. It’s called “short term pain for long-term gain”, just ask your parents or grand-parents who lived through the great depression and WW2. They’re the “greatest generation” what will we be known as?

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All the US has to do is emulate China. Why don’t we get their testing kits? We buy everything they make already.

My parents live through the Great Depression and World War II. A lot more people died then. No comparison.

The US will soon need to retool it’s industries as they did in WW2 to produce medical supplies that will be required to fight covid 19. It has the potential to be worse than WW2 due to the fact the battle is being waged on home soil and not across the sea somewhere. The USA is already moving toward being the epicentre of covid 19 not far behind Spain and Italy. It’s no time to hide are heads in the sand it’s time to act before it’s too late.

Oops…I’m editing this as I’ve just read online, the following:

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. rose to 82,404 on Thursday — more than any other country, overtaking both Italy and China — while the death toll passed the 1,000 mark, according to a running tally by Johns Hopkins University.

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The Chinese welded the doors shut on apartments and trapped people inside. They’re a despicable regime we shouldn’t emulate them at all. We shouldn’t even do business with them. We should put a full embargo on them.


We have a larger population than Italy and the Chinese are lying about their numbers…


The USA is a much larger country than Italy and it should have taken a lot more time to spread. Unfortunately, the timeline in the States is much shorter and climbing much more rapidly than than anywhere else on the planet. I agree, that it’s much easier to just say that someone is a liar than to face the harsh realities of a situation. The rest of the world will pray for the USA and their escalating situation as I will.

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DaddyGirl2 . . .

I can’t wait to see if Trump takes his wife, kids, grandchildren, and in-laws to church for Easter.

So he’s darned if he does (“stupid”)? Or
he’s darned if he doesn’t (“hypocrite”)?

In other words no matter what the man does, he cannot win.

And it is THAT kind of attitude that the media displays (I would suggest don’t interiorize it DaddyGirl2) that loses even more media credibility with Americans.

They sit around licking their proverbial chops looking for political points while “Rome is burning”.

Instead of helping their own country.

It is self-destructive.


We have a larger population than Italy and the Chinese are lying about their numbers…

There’s no real evidence for this. Just seems like a crafty way to avoid facing the terrible situation the USA is in.

Flagged for what


I forgot how transparent the Chinese communist regime has a history of being.


Ridiculous hyperbole. What they did was to place severe restrictions on movement and social gathering. They did not “weld the doors shut” to do this. The passed a law and the people complied.

If he does, then that will show he is not a hypocrite on this issue. And if no one in his family gets sick, it will also give evidence that he is not stupid.

Very smart people in the most technologically advanced country in the world are not whining - they are planning and getting things done based on data collected from other countries.

A couple of remarks.

China knows something about this and their population that we don’t. I think it’s that they successfully made an antibodies test that they haven’t told us about and have taken enough random samples of their population and they know that this apparently runs a lot deeper than thought: most people get infected but most of those infected show no symptoms but they do have antibodies showing they’ve been exposed. They haven’t told us about it because they want to see us flounder badly enough to kick Trump out in November. We need to start that antibody testing here because we know so little about the untested population here and it’s the only reasonable thing we can do anytime soon to decide on a return to work policy.

Next … April 1st is going to be a doozy. And it will not be an April Fool doozy. Billions in rent will go unpaid that day. Cheesecake Factory already announced their nonpayment. Expect many more businesses to follow them. Also many residential tenants will not pay rent either that day. There was nothing in the stimulus to help these businesses. Just … wow

The man can win. Stop saying stupid things that sets himself up.

I see what you are referring to. The police welded some doors shut in order to monitor who comes and goes. The people still had a way in and out but only under the supervision of the police. You made it sound like they were welding shut the only way in or out. That said, it is prudent to be very skeptical of official info from China. They are not as transparent as we would like.

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The testing kits the Chinese are selling to other countries (Spain and Czech Rep.) are even faulty, they are testing positive patients not positive for the virus. Found about 80% of the testing kits were faulty!


Contact the Centers for Disease Control and tell them. We know all about antibodies.

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