Trump wants the country "open" in less than 3 weeks

And we should not have laws against drunk driving because not that many people die. And we should not make people recall products because one or two people die from eating lettuce or having a car’s brakes not work.


Logan’s Run. Great when fiction. Bad when reality


Still curious if you think we should shut down over the flu? What is the objective standard?

Mind you, I’m not sold on coming back to work on whatever date Trump picks…I’m still thinking this through…trying to understand the arguments for and against

Perhaps that is the problem. As a country, we haven’t set up an objective standard.

During the 1918 Pandemic, each city handled it differently. Those that were stricter had better outcomes.

It is hard fighting germs. You can’t see them, you can’t scare them. But you can kill them and starve them. And that takes some time. But those who see this as a war are right, it is us or the virus.

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And of course we have a vaccine against the flu even though sadly many still die…the difference here is we don’t have a vaccine.

What you term “spending money” is really much more than that for millions. Mortgages, utilities, and many other bills do not stop, even though foreclosures are frozen. Food and household items are not cheap.

As a business owner (thankfully still working as of yet), my employees depend on me to make the payments for the health coverage. If I run out of the ability to do so (due to be shutdown for an extended period), guess who will suddenyl be left without health coverage? My entire workforce.

The list goes on and on is my point, and saying stay home; we are all in this together" does not actually address anything.

Again, no perfect solution, but if we are going to force people to do without food or necessities, let’s at least say that and not pretend otherwise. “The medical aspect of this diseases are going to require some of you to go without basic essentials, lose jobs that will not come back, liquidate reqtirement accounts, and much more.” Sorry, but that’s the way it has to be."

I could at least accept the honesty of that versus the whole “we will get through this together!” nonsense. I don’t see anyone signing up to pay my employees for me (nor should they). If I can work, they get paid. If I cannot, I end up living off of what I saved to be able to pay them, and they are left with nothing. That’s pretty much true of every small business ever.


Sounds as callous as saying someone else’s children will have to live on the street or ultimately die in poverty because we have to protect our elderly. Neither is ideal, and neither should be uttered.

It is a mess all the way around; prayer is frankly our best weapon IMO.


In America your right to life is less important than an obscenely wealthy person’s right to remain obscenely wealthy.


sallybutler . . .

I don’t know. I think death (from a non-Christian view) is worse. But that is just me.

Why do you think it’s just you?

I think spiritual life is more important than mere physical life too.

But we are called to preserve BOTH.

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Or any type of cure.

Do people want to risk being a vector for illness that could sicken a loved one?

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We can keep the economy AND take care of the patients.

But you can’t do both perfectly, so we just try our best.
And when more people die (and more will die), you continue doing your best.

And we quit criticizing our President no matter what he does (as that has been counter-productive in my opinion).

The chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin regimen will help considerably from what has been shown.

As a matter-of-fact, some of these people that would require ventilators, likely won’t even need hospitalization.

What the CDC needs to do is publicize not just the regimen, but the timing.

For example, are our physicians supposed to begin this on day five from when symptoms first began?

Whatever they publish, realize this is in its infancy so the regimen will be modified. Maybe even day to day as more knowledge accrues.

Should they wait until respiratory rates climb 20% over baseline?

Should they delay until oxygen saturations fall below 95%? (What can we do, to get HOME portable O2 sat. monitors in the hands of citizens as decisions will be made based upon that data?)

Should they delay at all?

How do we get the medicines made NOW, AND in the hands of the medical professionals that need them?

Or in the citizens that need them (so the physicians can start them over the phone, without them going in and exposing precious medical staff to risk that MAY be unnecessary?

Apparently it’s a relatively stable virus so scientists are hoping that unlike the flu where a vaccination is required yearly… once a cure is found it would require a once only vaccine

And what exactly defines “an obscenely wealthy person”?

Someone who spent several hundred thousand dollars attending medical school and not earning the right to start practicing medicine until they were in their mid-30s, but now earns almost a million dollars a year and is considered part of “high society” in their city?

A factory worker who worked odd jobs on the side and saved enough to buy (with cash) a duplex, which he rented out at a fair rent and earned enough to buy another duplex, and kept earning more and buying more duplexes and ended up with more than 40 rental properties and was worth well over a million dollars by the time he died.

How about someone who had an “idea” for a product (could be anything–pet rocks, frozen yogurt, fish tacos, widgets, software, etc.) and put every single penny they had into starting a company to produce and sell that product, and lived poor for months or years until the product became popular enough to make the innovator a multibillionaire?

I watched a documentary last night (Frontline) that told the story of a Chinese multibillionaire who invested in the Rustbelt city of Dayton, Ohio, building an auto-glass company there. He pays his line workers around $12.00/hour–about a third of what they were making at GM (until the company in Dayton shut down and moved to Mexico). Is the Chinese billionaire 'obscenely wealthy? Or would it be the GM CEOs who decided to move their company out of the U.S.?

Frankly, none of us have the right to make this judgment. A rich person can be helping many people, while a poor person might be very selfish. God knows, and we don’t.

To a poor person, YOU might be “obscenely wealthy.”


We can keep the economy AND take care of the patients.

This is vague, so I’ll just say that I don’t think you can really send even a moderate amount of the workforce back to normal work and not expect a huge spike in the numbera of dead and infected. Besides, Trump has implied he literally wants things to be back to normal by Easter Sunday, saying that it would be nice to see the churches full. Full during a pandemic!

Jeff Bezos at $130 billion net worth, and all the other multi-billionaires out there. I mean I could scrape by on one billion but two? Yeah, I would start my own space program.

My son was sick today, he seems better, but his pediatric practice has seen children who have coronavirus.

Children don’t seem to be getting very sick generally, but they can pass it on.

Do people live segregated by generation? There will be kids bringing it home to Grandma who babysits them after school, to the teacher whose spouse is immunocompromised.

Glen Beck today was urging people over 50 to go back to work, because we should offer to die to save the county.

A country with no people? Who’s going to care for my kids?


How can Amazon and Walmart, among others, hire thousands of people right now?

F_Marturana . . .

Glen Beck today was urging people over 50 to go back to work, because we should offer to die . . .


Provide a link for that please.

I was wondering when Glen Beck or other favorite targets were going to show up.

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