Trump warns of stock market crash if he's ever impeached: 'I think everybody would be very poor'



stock market crash







What a very smart president with the best brain. Who hires the very best people


Doubtful that he will be impeached, not this term anyway.


I agree, but probably Trump knows more about what he has done that would trigger impeachment than we do… I say “probably” because I’m not convinced that he understands all the variables anymore than I do - which is not much. I do continue to believe that either resignation or one term only are better options for the nation than impeachment.


I don’t think so either. But I do find it amusing that he thinks the stock market would crash if he was impeached.


I think that’s what the Dems and their special prosecutor are aiming for, though. There will be some big (and bogus) “revelation” right before the 2018 election in order to accomplish Dem political goals. Might work. Might not.

But returning to the topic, the stock market is up about a third since Trump was elected. That’s a lot in a very short period of time. It could easily drop a third if he’s impeached. Now, he gets tried in the senate of the house votes to impeach, and I don’t think the Senate will convict.

But it’s still a threat, and I could easily see a 30% drop in the market or more. That’s a lot. So far, I don’t think the market believes all the Mueller stuff. But if impeachment starts, I think the confidence level will drop significantly.


IF Trump were impeached (highly unlikely) AND the market dropped 30%, that’s what I call a BUYING OPPORTUNITY!


I think it would depend on further events before one could consider it a buying opportunity. If the house turns Dem in order for there to be impeachment at all, and decides to spend its time on impeachment, that means the government will be even more frozen than it is now. The Dem resistance will become complete and nothing will get done while Trump’s still in office and possibly after that.

And if the Dem party elects the next president before more substantial reforms take place, the market will fall out of bed, particularly if it’s the kind of hard leftist that seems to be taking over the party.


The stock market does do worse historically under Republican presidents


Kind of like what happened under Obama?


The market likes divided government because divided government limits disruption and uncertainty. There has been so much “headline” disruption as a result of Trump’s personalized behavior towards businesses and business leaders as well as the actions of the administration (example: DOJ suit against AT&T and tariffs against our trading partners) that the disruption has become background noise. However, underneath the market’s focus on earnings is a lot of anxiety (and cash on the sidelines).


He is so full of himself. His Arrogance pegs the scales…


Unless he does something really off-the-wall such as bomb North Korea, I suspect that the possibility of any Trump shenanigans are already baked into the stock market.


On the other hand, North Korea stopped firing missiles and stopped detonating nuclear warheads.


There is not the slightest reason to believe Trump’s “personality issues” have caused any degree of market anxiety. Wall Street knows anti-Trump hysteria is bogus and has paid it no attention whatever. Again, the market is up 1/3 since his election.

And while the market may like divided government, it also likes things that favor business, like tax reductions and reductions in regulations.

The U.S. has not yet experienced banana republic things like the Mueller prosecution of political differences. If investors perceive that the U.S. political system is unstable into the future, the market will fall out of bed, guaranteed.


My stock portfolio is unbreakable. It’s Depression and WWIII Proof.


I don’t know where you got the “personality issues” quote - which is another matter altogether. However, there are so many, many instances when Trump’s attacks on businesses have negatively impacted the market that I cannot believe that you are unaware of what has been going on. Here are just two - one from shortly after he took office and one from this past April:



Here’s another one for good measure:


Mildly amusing to see liberals supporting big business. But then, Obama and Clinton did, so perhaps I should not be surprised. It doesn’t hurt the captains of industry to be chided, particularly when it’s deserved. As I believe you have observed, it did not harm them.


The frequency with which Trump attempts to interject his own interests into the decisions of publicly traded companies and/or tries to use them as pawns in his political tactics causes these efforts by him to become background noise. However, investors don’t like it. Furthermore, Trump’s behavior in this regard creates uncertainty and remains a significant, potential market negative.

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