Trump: We are going to put a 25% tariff on every car from the European Union

what cars does America make at home? And will the tariff include parts

Seems a very sound threat as we are also negotiating to eliminate all tariffs with the EU. Hard to negotiate without a stick and carrot.


Just when I’d saved enough by brown-bagging lunch every day to buy that Lamborghini I’ve always wanted…


I’d love a Fiat cinquecento.

A Fiat? I don’t know… Fix it again, Tony. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh yeah? I’d like to see you come up with something for ‘cinquecento.’

No, you’d have to be James Joyce to do that.

They are really cute, good on gas, and great for city driving.

I’ve been in the original version in Italy. It’s tiny.

And parking. Every time I have to move the car for alternate side parking (New Yorkers will know what I mean) I wish very hard that I had a Fiat 500, or a SmartCar, or a Mini, or something like that.


THAT will show those European car manufacturers like Ford, GM, and Crysler!!!


That’s something I was wondering. How many cars are actually shipped here from Europe, given that so many of their vehicles are made here anyway?

I think the issue is more of assembly; many foreign parts are shipped here.

I can speculate “NOT THAT MANY”

Hyundai and Kia have parts production plants scattered thru out Alabama and Georgia.

You missed a big one. Mercedes in Vance Alabama.
Unless it is under a shady name like Daimler…:thinking:

I don’t think over a million cars annual meets your description

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