Trump Won Catholic Vote, Despite the Polls



May I ask, how do they tell where the majority Catholic vote went to when it’s supposed to be anonymous? I’m not sure id want people to have that kind of information, as I believe it’s that sort of thing that inspires people like Podesta and others to infiltrate and subvert the Church.

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I am heartened by these statistics. Many of us Catholics have been chased out from the left side of politics and are helping to remake the right side in a broad coalition with others.

Hopefully we can find a welcoming place in politics to reflect the teaching of Christ.


Me too.

But I am very concerned about these statistics of demographics, races and religions etc and who they voted or didn’t vote for, I thought it was supposed to be anonymous? People can terribly manipulate people (As Clintons Campaign did) with that information. I don’t know how they would have gathered that information if it’s supposed to be anonymous?

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Hispanics have, in the last three elections, made up about 1/3 of the total “Catholic vote”.

Interesting that this time about 1/4 of Catholic Hispanics voted for Trump. Cubans tend to vote Repub. Puerto Ricans are strongly Dem. The big question to me is how Mexican-Americans will vote in the future. I don’t know all the Mexicans in the U.S., but the ones I know are viscerally anti-government and have strong entrepreneurial instincts. I have long believed that Mexican-American Hispanics, at least, will eventually mostly be political conservatives. The ordinary Mexican-Americans just aren’t “liberal” in any meaningful sense.


In Elk County, Pa., which is about 70 percent Catholic, Mr. Trump won 70 percent of the vote compared to 57 percent for Mitt Romney in 2012.

How come they couldn’t support a decent guy like Romney last time?



My guess is that Romney didn’t have Trump’s ‘get-her-done’ outsider appeal. Nor did he tap into fears of out-of-control immigration and economic marginalization of working class whites. Plus Romney had none of Trump’s trash-talking id, and perhaps his credibility as a critic of Obama was undermined by the health insurance legislation he passed as governor of Massachusetts. Plus I think people this time around had four more years of leftward drift of the culture (transgenderism, etc.) to motivate them to push back.


Interesting conjecture - I’ve often wondered what it is, if anything, that makes Mexicans leftier than Americans. Perhaps the revolutions they’ve had.


Exit polls. At selected polling places, they may ask voters how they voted and may also ask demographic questions (age, race, religion, etc.).


Yes. Which of course means that their accuracy is highly questionable.

Exit polls are a little like measuring wind speed, direction and humidity by licking your finger and holding it up in the wind. It might give you a rough gauge about weather in a local area, but 20 people doing the same across the country is not going to give you an accurate picture of national weather.

That’s not to say exit polls might indicate some shifts, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in thinking that it’s a major long term shift in any group’s thinking.


He also believes somone found gold tablets in America with a new Gospel!


Also, at the risk of sounding harsh, his religious affiliation may have had some influence.


I’m sure it varies from place to place and among groups. But around here, anyway, they might vote Dem, but they’re “to the right” of me in most ways, and I am mostly conservative.

I think their “leftism” is a temporary thing with them, and it’s limited. Never have I run into people more resentful of governmental regulation and taxation. Mexican-Americans that I know are extraordinarily entrepreneurial by inclination. They’ll argue with you all day about the price of something, but they tend to have more discretionary cash than “Anglos”. I see some factory worker buy one of the worst houses you ever saw, then the next thing I see him “flipping” it after having renovated it, then re-investing in another “junker”.

Automobiles are another big thing around here with them. They’ll start a used car dealership with five old beaters, maybe. Next thing you know, they have 30 cars of better quality. And somehow, they manage to also have a “day job”, maybe leaving a cousin in charge of the dealership during work hours.

Met one Mexican father and son. Both work in a factory here. They alternate themselves with the same employer, each being back in Mexico for six months while the other works here. I asked the father why they did that. Well, they save their money to buy land near Mexico City. I ask what they were doing with the land. They are planting and tending a peach orchard, he said. I asked what peaches cost in Mexico City. “About the same as here” he replied. So, given the extremely favorable exchange rate for U.S. dollars, their buying power is magnified in Mexico, while their end product earns parity with American prices.

They’re also very big on “next generation” planning. They don’t understand the mechanics very well, but they’re always thinking about providing “capital” for their children and grandchildren.

Now, I’m talking about Mexicans here, not Central Americans or perhaps even people from some parts of Mexico. The ones I know and deal with are largely from northern Mexico, though I’ll say Mayans from Yucatan are very precise in their dealings. They’re just not as aggressive as northern Mexicans.


That was a fascinating read…Very clever in a good way

What do they feel about undocumented individuals and amnesty or some path to legal status?


What will a Trump win do for Canada??

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once said living next to the United States is like sleeping with an elephant. Now his son, who followed in his father’s footsteps, must stay Canada’s course as the behemoth jolts menacingly

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They will gain a lot of celebrities!!! :thumbsup:


I just started reading the late Oliver Sacks’ book ‘Oaxaca Journal’ (and in fact I have been to Oaxaca) so it’s all very a propros.


Understand, my information is entirely anecdotal.

Among the “legal” Mexicans I know, it’s mixed. It’s also not something I have had a lot of conversations about. Nevertheless, I’ll give my impression based on what I have heard.

It appears to me the longer they have been here, the less sympathetic they are with illegal immigrants. They’re often competing for the same jobs or for their relatives’ jobs. Also, those who have been here awhile don’t have a bunch of near relatives they would like to see come here. In addition, sometimes illegals can be a rough bunch; maybe criminal, maybe not, make they, themselves, look bad, etc.

Among more recent immigrants, there is more sympathy with illegals, probably because they would like to see relatives come here more freely.

Among “successful” illegals; the ones who have essentially adopted a new identity, learned English passably well and aren’t threatened, there is advocacy for illegals.

One interesting thing. I think I have gained at least some ability to identify illegals without knowing they’re illegals. But if you want to unerringly identify illegals in a crowd, ask a Mexican-American. They can pretty much tell them on sight. One explained to me that they don’t dress the same, they aren’t as “well-scrubbed” as Mexicans who have been here awhile, (haircuts can be a give-away) they tend to act in a furtive manner, and they don’t “say the right things”. But then, there are the “successful” illegals, and with them, I’m pretty much in the dark, but Mexican-American “legals” can still tell. There are give-aways that I really don’t know.

I remember watching some old movie in which some Brit agents were trying to pass for German military. One gave them away by indicating the number “three” with his fingers in a Brit way to do it instead of a German way to do it. In the same way, sometimes, it’s really hard for a person to “pass” as American if he isn’t, and if the observer knows what to look for.


Perhaps Tarantino lifted it from your old movie but I saw the same thing in his film ‘Inglorious Basterds’.


I agree with many things of Trump, but blanket removal of all illegal immigrants…not something I can support because it breaks up families. There has to be a way of legal status…how can we expect to be forgiven by God when we as a society cannot find a way to “forgive” transgressions?

Is there no way to fortify the border while allowing a more merciful path (doesn’t have to be immediate citizenship) to those already here, sometimes for years?

We as Catholics cannot be so indifferent to…unusual…circumstances…plus, immigration is not a “moral” issue, per se, like abortion or gay marriage.

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