Trump woos Christian vote saying Supreme Court got Roe v. Wade wrong, pledges to defund Planned Parenthood and blasts Cruz: 'How can you hold up Bible and lie?' [Daily Mail]


Trump woos Christian vote saying Supreme Court got Roe v. Wade wrong, pledges to defund Planned Parenthood and blasts Cruz: 'How can you hold up Bible and lie?'

Donald Trump told a Christian broadcaster in an interview released Thursday that Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that forbade states from banning abortions, was a mistake that can be overturned in the long run.

He also told Christian Broadcasting Network that if a bill reached a President Trump’s desk that would bar federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion provider, he would sign it.

Trump is working overtime to position himself as the beneficiary of doubts among many evangelical Christian voters in South Carolina who have broken off from Ted Cruz in the wake of dirty-tricks scandals that followed him from Iowa.

The two men have publicly feuded all week, following a debate where Trump branded Cruz as ‘the biggest liar’ – a charge he repeats daily as he complains about an attack ad the Texas senator is running against him.

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Daily Mail, well, the press is not covering this as much!


What about the video circulating of Trump being interviewed by Tim Russert where Trump states he’s “very pro-choice” and wouldn’t ban partial birth abortion?


IMO Trump just says whatever people want hear at the moment.


That was quite some time ago, I know, that is proof to be questioning of him. On the other hand, people do convert from being pro-choice.


Well here he is in December where he says he’s pro life with caveats and then when asked says, well it depends when in the pregnancy.



I have already read that article before. I know his stance was confusing, he is not my first, 3rd, 5th choice.

But at the same time, he has never had power to legislate abortion and all of that, was not a politician in office.


He is calling Cruz a liar when he is obviously lying, last Saturday Trump said in the sc debate that planned parenthood does “wonderful things for women”


Daily Mail Places Entire Article In Headline; Found Difficult To Memorize [The Guardian]


And with his flip-flopping nature…not over the course of years, but mere weeks between flip -flops should have everyone very concerned.


I remember when Kerry ran for president in 04 republicans stated that he was a flip flop due to his Iraq war position.

Yes we can sit here and say, “well Kerry said that to impress the base”.

If that’s the case don’t you think Trump is doing the same thing. I mean you can’t say, no, just bc Trump is a republican.


But you know people are going to defend trump just bc he’s a republican.

Trump is filled with lies. his position on things changes constantly





How does Trump’s “wonderful things for women” comment about PP not automatically disqualify himself from the Catholic vote? It’s ok for Catholics to vote for a guy who adds a disclaimer for “except abortion” in his praise of PP? That they won’t get taxpayer funds? Trump’s comments at the SC should be front and center. That’s his current view. It doesn’t get any more current than that.


Exactly, but people will say, oh he changed. But when Kerry did that in 04 in regards to the Iraqi war people called him a flip flop. Can’t use that as an excuse.


Well Obama said a lot of things that he never really believed, during the campaign. Like that he believed marriage was between a man and a woman, and that should build a wall on the Southern border. His constituents flat out said, that he was just saying it to get votes and that he really supported same sex marriage.


To be fair they do have breast cancer and STD checks over there.


What does that mean?

They don’t do mammograms.


But not just because Trump is a republican.


No, they are not going to defend Trump just because he is a Republican, if this is true, it certainly works both ways.

Plenty of Republicans seem very critical of Trump and that’s not even talking about here but the whole electorate, magazines like National Review, The Weekly Standard and so on.

Plenty of Republicans are critical of any of the Presidential candidates, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Bush, all of them.

Perhaps we can say Trump has been a Democrat as well, besides his record of giving to Democrats which I have heard.

I find the allegation that one is defending Trump because he is Republican as spurious and derisive towards Republicans.

Trump, like anyone who has supported Democrats as he has, has indeed, been part of the shameful enabling of abortion which the Church calls us not to do. If there is a criticism to be had, it is this.

I will never vote Democratic as it stands now, because that stands for supporting the deaths of millions of the unborn.


There is no doubt in my mind that trump would have ran as a democrat if there would have been a republican president for the previous term because the chances of winning is higher after 8 yrs of an opposing party.
Then people like rush limbaugh and sean hannity would be bashing him instead of making excuses for his shenanigans

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