Trump's Disgraceful Gambit

From the National Review…not exactly a leftist rag.

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Trump has lost the National Review?

That is BIG news.


There is nothing disgraceful about it. He is still fighting for Americans.


The national review has always been against Trump. Neocons hate him

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The National Review has been a conservative mag for 65 years. Modernist revisionism is what you’ve done here.


Lol, nothing says conservative like buckley jr and “that whole yale thing”. NR has always been a rag for grifters

This I disagree with. NR’s never-Trumper position is outside their historic conservative reputation. They are wrong for it, but they are not grifters. The grifters are in the Lincoln Project that ran ads in New York with anti-Semitic overtones against Ivanka and Jared.

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They weren’t anti Semitic. They were anti-Jared and anti-Ivanka. There’s a difference.


Picked the only Jews in the family. How coincidental.

Sometimes things are just coincidences.

In this case, they were the two Trumps with Administration positions. Why would the Lincoln Project blame Don Jr or Eric for the actions of the Administration?

You know, if the Republicans can prove a massive fraud to elect President Biden, they can always impeach him next year.

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No. I’d expect them to target the president, since he is the one running for president.
Last I saw, neither Ivanka nor Kushner were running for office.
But they are both Jews. And Jared was instrumental in the peace deals with Israel, which negatively impacts Iran.

Off topic, but I disagree. I don’t think the billboards were anti Semitic and I think those two are perfect targets.

Off topic, and I think it was intentional.

Obviously, TDS isn’t partisan.

I have found NRO often plays it both ways. I looked briefly over there and did not see it today but some times they will have 2 articles, side by side. One pro and one con on an issue. It kind of covers the bases

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Then Kamala would become president which is what the Democrats want or at least some progressives.

Two points:

The NRO is a never-Trump’er and neocon-based organization. They still have good articles and I read them, but one needs to understand their bias. They want the old Republican Party back. The one that left most of us for the forever wars, the immigration deals that gave up too much and the free trade deals that sent good jobs overseas. The controlled opposition that pushed McCain, Romney and Jeb! on us.

Al Gore had 37 days.

I don’t know the rules of racism, but aren’t they converted Jews?

She is. …

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