Trump's first acts


One of our best-wired GOP sources says Trump’s early executive orders speak volumes about what to expect from his presidency. “What Peggy Noonan wrote about the inaugural speech was exactly right,” our source says. “There will be not a shred of difference between campaign rhetoric and how he plans on governing.”

The list, circulating at the top levels of GOP congressional leadership, with each bucket tied to a Trump campaign promise:

*]Hiring freeze for Executive Branch, and 5-year lobbying ban on transition and administration officials.
*]Mexico City policy, which prevents foreign NGOs from getting U.S. family planning money if they provide abortions with non-U.S. funds.
*]Task the Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs to come up with plan to eviscerate ISIS.
*]Something on cyber-security.
*]Something on sanctuary cities; expand E-Verify; an extreme-vetting proposal.
*]Withdraw from TPP and a thorough review of NAFTA (campaign: constant denigration of trade deals).




I’m not sure why this should surprise anyone.


It does because politicians tend to not fulfill their promises. :slight_smile:


Here’s a link to Peggy Noonan.


Really? We’ll see if he actually tries to build a wall, and force Mexico to pay for it. And we’ll see if he actually prosecutes Hillary Clinton.


My gut as the election season progressed was that he would indeed follow through with these items. However, Trump’s many inconsistent statements covering many various aspects of what he planned to do as President made many, myself included, seriously pause about what he stands for. I was undecided most of the past election campaign as a result. Nonetheless, I was able to weed through the inconsistencies, looked to what looked to be firm stances, and took a leap of faith with my vote.


When President elect, Trump said he was not going to push for Hilary’s prosecution. I think she is still under investigation, not sure what, and could be prosecuted. She should have been prosecuted by Comey.

He still says he will build the wall and Mexico will pay.


Trump is actually doing remarkably well to make considerable progress towards fulfilling some of his campaign promises in his fourth day in office.


What about putting Hillary in jail?

President-elect Donald Trump signaled he would break one of his most authoritarian campaign-promises: His vow to do everything he could to jail his political rival Hillary Clinton.


I don’t think it was a “vow”, nor was it to “do everything he could” to put her in jail. Don’t overplay it.

And she might go yet.


Then what was it?

Now he “has a lot of respect” for her.

“I was very honored when I heard President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming today,” Trump said. As applause broke out, Trump asked everyone in the room to rise and join in.

Trump joined the applause himself, and as it died down, he said, “There’s nothing more I can say, because I have a lot of respect for those two people.”


This would be the politician in Trump talking. you have to do that sometimes.


I wouldn’t get too cheery about it just yet if I were a Hillary supporter. It could still happen.


It won’t happen. She has not, and will not, be formally charged with any crimes, because the evidence is not there.


Within minutes of Donald Trump being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Trump and his team unveiled the President’s new stance on energy issues, which made one of its cornerstones the elimination of the Waters of the U.S. Rule which is, to anglers, likely the single most important piece of legislation in existence.


Wow, reading that Peggy Noonan article left me feeling uneasy.


Heartwarming. :love:


Ahh but President Trump is not a career politician:thumbsup::wink:


I have to side with the Anglers on this one. Bad bad move.

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