Trump's immigrant policy detrimental to children!


(Read the below link, IThis post should be not be mitaken as offensive to US President or,any member of this forum or as promote breaking of any US immigration law and it’s just drawing attention of members towards the potential Trauma that may arise due to the separation of parents and children. Please be mature,understand correctly and do not create unwanted panic.)



So if I dont have any empathy I cant respond?


You are a Catholic and you have Empathy!


Illegal immigrants are confined to a “holding” space. All of them. So, in the name of empathy we should put the children in with their parents with the gang-bangers. drug pushers, pornographers, thieves, murderers, child prostitution pimps, and the other poor misunderstood types mommy and daddy are locked up?
Very stylish and empathetic.

Edited to say, I forgot rapists - and maybe pedophiles?


People who want to become American citizens, apply for refuge or to live and work here are not criminals. So No, they should not be locked up neither children nor parent. There are reasonable ways to control immigration but considering people who want to immigrate as criminals is wrong.


I have empathy, however, as I have heard from the mouth of a former illegal immigrant, part of the problem is often the families are separated BEFORE crossing the border by the human traffickers.

Because they have no documentation, it takes a while before the US govt can verify that the parent is actually the parent of said child. Also, often there are criminals who claim a child is theirs, when the child’s real parents crossed the border elsewhere, without the child.

The whole thing is a real mess.

God Bless


You might want to delete this thread before the mods see it.


Looks like you have an agenda here. I’m not interested in taking the bait.


@Ransri.―I clicked on your link and it seems to be nothing but advertising. I flagged your post accordingly.


Illegally coming to another country is wrong, but even if very little children are separated from their parents or guardians that would amount to EMOTIONAL ABUSE. Jesus too spoke for the betterment of children and condemned people who misled them and you might even think that,too,is advertising! Therefore that flagging is Uncatholic and extremistic!


I have no agenda, just exercising my right and responsibility towards talking for the Justice of very little children!


Are you kidding?


Your thread is slanderous, salacious and in the order of gossip…you are only sewing discord.

If you are really a Catholic I think you need to think long and hard about what you are posting…

By the way, why is this kind of tripe allowed here?


It’s flagged.




Do you really think that “wanting to become an American citizen” is a justifiable reason to try to sneak across the border? If so then that is a No Borders policy. A country must have borders and maintain them.


And no it is definitely NOT child abuse. All he did was enforce the law as it is written. And then came an outcry for the first time in years, so he signed an executive order to stop the separations and keep families together. What else can he do?


I saw nothing about immigrants and nothing about children. I saw no news or comment of any kind. I just saw advertising, and I promptly closed the link.


Obama deported record numbers of aliens.

Not a peep from the left.

Oh, look! I see that through his own organization, Obama’s the one pushing this anti-Trump agenda.



So… what kind of a parent puts their child in that kind of a situation? Don’t you think that’s kind of a bit abusive on its own?

In FY 2011, 16,067 unaccompanied children (UAC’s) were apprehended at the Southern border.

In FY 2014, it was over 68,500.

FY 2015 saw a decline-- only 39,970.

FY 2016, back up to 59,692.

UAC’s are defined as:

  • children who lack lawful immigration status in the United States,
  • who are under the age of 18, and
  • who either are without a parent or legal guardian in the United States or without a parent or legal guardian in the United States who is available to provide care and physical custody

Foreign nationals from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico accounted for almost all UAC cases in recent years, especially in FY2014. In FY2009, Mexico accounted for 82% of the 19,688 UAC apprehensions at the Southwest border, while the other three Central American countries accounted for 17%. In FY2014, the proportions had almost reversed, with Mexican nationals comprising 23% of UAC apprehensions and the three Central American countries.

Of the 12,000 kids in US immigration custody last month, 10,000 of them are exactly that: unaccompanied children who have traveled over 2,000 miles across multiple borders.

Of the 12,000 kids, only 2,000 of them are children who came with their families, presumably because kids can’t be safely detained with an adult population. So kids get detained with kids, and adults are detained with adults.

We (the Dept of Health & Human Services) have resettled 7,635 kids from El Salvador/Guatemala/Honduras between 10/17-12/17. That’s almost 8k kids in a three-month period, and we spent $1.4 billion to accommodate nearly 41k unaccompanied minors in 2017 . O_o

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