Trump's justice department asks court for 1 month delay on voter ID case likely due to change in position


Trump’s justice department asks court for 1 month delay on voter ID case likely due to change in position.


I would have no problem with a national law requiring voter identification so long as it is ensured that absolutely everyone can easily obtain a valid identification and the identification must be affordable. The main argument against voter ID laws is that they discriminate against minorities because minorities are less likely to be able to afford to get them and less likely to be able to obtain them for other reasons as well.


Yeah this hurts minorities. And there’s no reason to require ID, voter fraud has been proven time and again to be a negligible issue.


Watch this video. Well worth a couple minutes of your time and dispels the common myth that black people don’t have id’s.
(Ami Horowitz: how white liberals view black voters)


Excellent video, thanks for the link.


I can’t believe that the Supreme Court would hold a hearing on this case on January 24 when the new President just took office January 20. The new Attorney General has not been confirmed and a new Solicitor General has yet to be named.


Here in my area, an ID is free if you need one for voting.


That has been the case with every state that instituted voter ID laws. It makes one ask; what is the left so afraid of?


But asking people on the street doesn’t equal a valid study. This is especially the case since the survey was limited to one city.

Well, this is definitely a good thing and I wasn’t aware of this, to be honest with you. That said, I am definitely not on the political left. I am a conservative.


It is not so easy.


Thanks for the link. And it presents an obstacle to fix a problem that whose existence is in doubt. These laws will likely suppress far more legitimate votes than prevent illegitimate ones.


that is far more the exception than the rule. One doesn’t throw out the baby with the bath water.


That they’ll lose grandma Ingrid’s vote (even though grandma died 40 years ago) .


The exceptions are more numerous than the problem they are ostensibly trying to correct.
One doesn’t throw out the baby with the bath water.


Just as voters voting fraudulently is far more the exception than the rule. Yet you seem intent on pursuing that possibility quite intently.


As it should be everywhere!


The direct cost of the ID is not the main problem. It is the difficultly of meeting the various requirements for getting the ID in the first place. In other words, you have to already have an ID to get an ID.


I don’t see how you can prove voter fraud didn’t happen if you don’t have a system that verifies he who votes is eligible. It would be like a business saying it has proven no one unauthorized has accessed their property even though they don’t have identification badges. Or it would be like the TSA (a terrible blight) saying no one unauthorized to fly has been let past their checkpoint if they didn’t require an ID. It is worth pointing out that with the TSA which does check IDs people unauthorized still do get by. So I imagine there is plenty of voter fraud we just have no way of knowing.


It is far more difficult for me to check out a book at my local public library than to vote. Apparently it’s okay if the public has reduced access to educational materials than to vote.

I went to check out a book at my library but I didn’t have a library card. I then showed the librarian my state-issued driver license and she said that I needed two forms of ID and did not allow me to check the book out of the library.


Apparently public libraries are racist!

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