Trump's Last Line of Defense

I’d argue that these are the people who need to insist that he clean up the stuff they’ve been conceding so that he has a better chance of doing what they hope he will do.

If they keep giving him a mulligan on very avoidable mistakes, he’ll stay on a course that promises to be very disappointing. They should not blame anyone else for that. Trump has never let others make excuses, he’s said a President with a majority in Congress ought to get things done or take the responsibility (I can provide tweet quotes, for those who dispute this) and it does not make sense that he is having so many excuses made for him now. Criticizing after the fact will do no good; it will be impotent blaming at that point.


I think your point is blatantly clear now with two thread on World News today that you are not a big Trump Supporter!~:shrug:

Well, not the way he’s been doing things. I would be very pleased if he were to prove me wrong. That was not even a realistic possibility with HRC. I’m hoping that it is not unrealistic to hope Trump will decide to do some things differently and (to be blunt) more along the lines of what he promised.

Why didn’t I vote for him? He promised in April he would be more Presidential. He didn’t do that. He was not going to win my state.

The rhetoric wasn’t enough. He needed to do what he said he’d do or get specific about how he was going to achieve what he said he was going to do. No matter which candidate won, I thought it would do either good to have a lot less of the popular vote.

As appears in the article’
In fact, there’s a good chance that even some of the first few sentences of this story will set some of these supporters off, triggering them to redouble their allegiance to the Oval Office’s current occupant. But in order to better understand this president, it’s useful to recognize the voters he’s still resonating with, especially as he battles brutal political headwinds.

You are proving the point of the author.

This article is almost two months old already. We are seeing with President Trump
a lot can happen in 2 months. The immature behavior of the democrats has probably encouraged people to dig their heels in deeper in their support for Trump.

I agree that people are probably digging their heels in deeper to support Trump, but please be reasonable and look at what he is doing and at least read what he is saying. There is some seriously weird stuff going on.

Are you ignoring the bizarre actions of the democrats since January - actually since
the election? The democrats are more disturbing than Trump!

Please let me know what you are referring to, since I don’t understand this statement.

It doesn’t matter what the Democrats do. They’re not in power in either house or the White House.

DJT is, and is in a position where he can do much more harm. He needs to get his act together and start acting like the President of the USA.

I’ll be the first to cheer if he does, but I’m not holding my breath.

It appears that he is not able to comprehend the complicated issues that he faces. I hope there is someone in his staff that can explain it to him. I hope that he succeeds in understanding what is in front of him.

Well Reagan was no intellectual heavyweight, but he was a gentleman, and made the presidency work, no doubt he was savvy enough to surround himself with the right people.

I wasn’t a fan of all his policies but he was a president you could respect. History will remember him well, with St. JPII together they helped the communist bloc countries emancipate themselves.

If only Trump could learn from that example…

How does anything the Democrats have done explain why he decided to unveil a military policy via Twitter when neither the military nor the President’s own press office was prepared to answer detailed questions about what he meant and no one on the relevant congressional oversight committees had been told?

That was just one example of a totally avoidable (and presumably impulsive*) mistake that doesn’t belong to anyone but the President.

*(I do not like to think what he’d consider a good reason for doing it that way.)

OK, I’ll bite. What have the Democrats done that is more disturbing than the reason Mr. Trump gave for firing Comey (he said he decided to fire him because he didn’t like the Russia investigation) and the way he has chosen to treat the Attorney General?

They don’t have the relevance he does. I really fail to see what they can do that rises to what he’s been doing, simply because they are the minority party and could not do much but watch if the GOP were really a well-oiled machine.

The President’s success or failure is not about him. I don’t think he understands that. His whole party, his whole government, his whole nation, and really all of our allies and adversaries will be very profoundly affected by what he chooses to do and not to do.

Neither is Mr. Trump some poor vulnerable waif who cannot protect himself from the onslaught of bad press. Most of what qualifies as bad press with me is what comes directly out of his mouth and the mouth of the people who work for him. That is what I pay attention to.

Would I wish we had a press less concerned with telling the truth than selling papers? Well, of course. We don’t have that, though, and with few exceptions we really never have. It is all about getting the scoop and keeping the customers coming back. We are a capitalist society with a free and largely* profit-driven *press. If the customers don’t clamor for the truth over stories with a slant to feed their confirmation biases, then yes, we’re going to get slanted news sources. We get what we vote for with our attention and our patronage.

Someone once asked President Reagan how he could manage being President when his background was in acting. He replied that he couldn’t imagine how any of his predecessors did it when they *didn’t *have a background in acting!

Mr. Trump has been on TV a lot, but he has only ever played himself. So far, when that interferes with his job, doing what he feels like doing seems to take precedence. That squanders a lot of opportunities he could have made better use of.

Keep firing at the Democrats and you still have people like

George Will
Steve Schmitt
Michael Steele
Joe Scarborough
Jennifer Rubin
David Frum
David Brooks
Peggy Noonan
et al

to deal with.

And even Rush seems to take Session’s side over Trump. And he’s no Democrat.

No one can understand everything you need to understand if you are going to make the decisions that fall upon the President of the United States. I don’t fault him because he isn’t a wonk about everything and doesn’t try to be an expert on everything. The guy has gotten buildings built, even though he isn’t an architect, an engineer, and electrician or any of that.

I had hoped he’d be more willing to delegate, more willing to listen to the opinions of others and perhaps change his own, and more interested in helping those around him do what they can to help him choose a course, articulate an agenda, set priorities and then make the best use of the limited time they have to keep the conversation going in the direction that will accomplish the goals he set during the campaign.

I don’t feel he’s done that. The little spat with the cable news “personalities”? Who cares about them? The minority party? Well, so what? When he strikes back at them, he puts the attention on them instead of on the topics he needs to be advancing.

If he had gone to the Boy Scout Jamboree and just given a prepared statement that would only inspire a Boy Scout–great! He’d give them a great Jamboree and then he’d get back to work and whatever he said there would not be knocking other things he needs the public to concentrate on off the headlines.

It is pretty clear what I am referring to.

What bothers me the most is his relentless hurling of insults against his own party as well as allies all over the world which we took decades to build up and gain trust. Maybe he’s learned his lesson as McCain finally had a chance to retaliate in his own way. But I doubt it. America is as vulnerable to attack as any time in its history if not more. And what’s its leader doing about it?

They say old dogs don’t learn new tricks, but every once in awhile you can see that Mr. Trump gets this look on his face that says, “Wow. This is really heavy stuff. This is more than I ever imagined.” So maybe something will turn him towards a new way of doing things. He does things with such gusto, who knows? Maybe he could turn things around faster than anyone imagines. I wouldn’t risk the life of a loved one on it, but that doesn’t mean I am utterly cynical about the possibility.

His sales pitch is all the same no matter what he’s trying to sell. Listen to his one of his failed Trump University.


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