Trump's Messing With the Military

I can’t understand what he’s doing. What’s his end-game here? I sure hope he’s not planning to involve the U.S. in some disastrous military misadventure on his way out the door.

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I don’t know why he fired Esper, but the last time he fired a Secretary of Defense, it was to prevent a disastrous military misadventure. I think this article is much ado about nothing.

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I share your hope, but unfortunately it is not an impossibility. A little skirmish with Iran and “regretfully” the election’s result must be put on hold, until it is resolved.

Why? Other nations have changed presidents and we are not talking about something akin to WW2. He really does seems to be trying to find any desperate way to hang onto power now and I would say once he’s gone that will be remembered. Even those who in your nation support him right now fervently will cool down once he goes, he has an unique talent for creating drama and noise, but once he’s out of the arena people may be able to think again and consider whether his approach has yielded more good fruit than bad.

I think most military voted for Trump.

As for Esper:

I’m sure he is a man of honor.

I am hopeful, but not much…

A secretary of defense, a national security adviser and others.
This is, frankly, part of the reason he is despised in Washington.


He’ll likely be out of office in a month. Do you really think the underlings can’t run the show for a month? They have probably been running it right along because these guys at the top do little or none of the actual work.

If the election results were put on hold, his term in office still expires at noon on January 20. He wouldn’t be POTUS anymore. Hello President Pelosi…and I don’t know anyone who wants that.

(Actually, I don’t know who would take the office at that point. Pelosi is one outcome I’ve read about since she is next line, another is that the House of Representatives would elect an interim president. I just know that it wouldn’t be Trump.)

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A prelude to Martial Law declared by Executive Order.
He will stack the Military with his loyalists.
Then pen the Order.
Who will defy him and the Military?


Those that put Pelosi in office?

It would be the current House of Representatives voting. Biden would be voted in.

I have faith in the men and women in the armed forces it would be a total shame on the USA if something bad happened - so much for the greatest country in the world with the best system - its all over if it happens . National pride seems to of been lost.

Is there an end goal?

If he is acting from anger, there may or may not be one.

Esper et al are still resisting the drawdown of American troops.

We voted for that way back in 2016, among other things. The MIC has been resisting Trump on this for a long time now.

What you will find in this Twitter thread are neocons who are salivating at the new opportunity to exercise their warmongering under President Biden. You Biden voters voted for scum like this to run our foreign policy. When you see the buzz phrases like “Advancing Democracy Abroad”, remember how all those Mideast wars were about “instituting democracy”, well that’s code for “let’s invade another country” to start a war. Neoconnery … should not have fallen for that siren song. Either too many voters are too dense about this or it was so unpopular that they had to cheat their man in. Either way does not bode well for the country.

I’m not so sure. Doesn’t the new Congress take office early in January? If the election hadn’t been decided as of January 20, wouldn’t the new House do the voting? Plus, I’ve read that each state gets a vote, not each representative. Both of these factors might change the outcome.

But as I noted above, I don’t really know. I’m open to being enlightened on the subject.

We don’t have all the info.

Months before a presidential election, all offices led by a political appointee are required to identify the senior career civilian employee who will maintain the office until a new political appointee is in place. I think changing the secretary out now will have very little impact on the department.

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If it falls to the House to choose the president, the procedure can be found in the 12th Amendment, in which is found the following text:

But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice.

The 20th Amendment specifies that Congress is to begin its term on January 3rd while the President is to start on January 20th. This Amendment doesn’t quite say it but it implies that it is the incoming Congress that gets to conduct the election of the President if it falls to them.

The Republicans have a slight majority by this method and would likely win this vote.

The alert reader will note the requirement for a quorum and think, couldn’t the Democrat majority states abstain from the quorum? Well they would need 17 states to be absent to force the quorum to fail. I suggest to look at the wording which specifically says “a member or members from two-thirds of the states”. So that would imply the Democrat majority representatives of a state cannot force the Republican representatives of the same state to follow them out the door.

Only once has the 12th Amendment procedure been used to decide the Presidency. That happened in 1824 when four candidates won electoral votes, but none won a majority. By the 12th Amendment requirement to consider only the top three electoral vote getters, the fourth place finisher was tossed out before the House began voting. Andrew Jackson had the most electoral votes (and the most popular votes) but was beaten out in the House by John Quincy Adams.

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Great info. Thanks.

Hopefully the current election does come down to this.

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