Trump's new tweet "Biden got more votes than Obama"


Donald J. Trump


“We believe these people are thieves. The big city machines are corrupt. This was a stolen election. Best pollster in Britain wrote this morning that this clearly was a stolen election, that it’s impossible to imagine that Biden outran Obama in some of these states.

1 million new voters in Georgia.
Over 700,000 new voters in PA.
1 million new voters in Arizonia

Celebrities, activists and voters across Georgia credited Ms. Abrams with moving past her loss — she came within 55,000 votes of the governor’s mansion — and building a well-funded network of organizations that highlighted voter suppression in the state and inspired an estimated 800,000 residents to register to vote.

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I applaud Trump for investigating and exposing what a mess our voting system is. It is ripe for fraud.


The incidence of voter impersonation (the only thing controlled by ID) is so low as to near non-existent. The incidence of voter fraud is low also. The fraud alleged by the GOP would not overturn any of the state results. Biden got a 4 Million plurality of votes.

Biden told people to vote by mail; Trump told his followers not to mail in ballots. Why are people surprised by the late-arriving mail-in ballots are mostly for Biden?

For the good of the nation, Trump needs to concede. Bush v. Gore involved trying to figure out who won in FL. We have none of those issues before us.

" There were scuffles and clashes with police but no major violence at the gatherings, according to local reporters and video footage that was shared via social media. Some clips showed particular vitriol aimed at journalists, part of a conspiratorial backlash at news outlets for naming Joe Biden the winner of the election.

The pro-Trump street presence was minuscule compared with the thousands of Biden supporters who spilled into the streets in celebration. Still, domestic terrorism analysts warn, a prolonged fight and Trump’s reckless statements about the vote only fuel the “us vs. them” polarization that has now reached dangerous levels. They say the far-right threat will linger — and perhaps even grow — under a Biden presidency.

“Extremism is a carnival-mirror reflection of conflicts and divisions in the mainstream,” said Brian Levin, a hate-crime researcher at California State University, San Bernardino."


Awesome! It’s great when more people are participating in the process.


Sorry, you are mistaken.

The election is not over. Americans deserve to have an honest count after what we have been through the
past 10 months.

Isn’t it funny how the democrats were yelling about a Russia collusion, but now claim there is no voter fraud?

The democrat party is like a child who is spoiled and expects to get what he or she wants all the time and if they get what they want they are all smiles and promise to play nice, but if they don’t get what they
want - look out! They turn into a monster.

Americans deserve a fair election. I am glad Trump
is still fighting for Americans to get that.


Democrats decried Russian interference with the election in sending out false information and, in some instances, hacking the software at polls. Did you see the Democrats yell about vote fraud?

You ever see “Angels with Dirty Faces”? Pat O’Brien convinces Jimmy Cagney not to go out as a tough guy, for the good of the community. Trump should watch that film and take heed.


I’m neither Democrat nor did I believe the Russian collusion nonsense. Biden still fairly won.


No he did not. Votes from PA have to be looked at. The governor of a state cannot decide that ballots can come in days after an election and that is why Justice Alito told PA to hold any ballots that came in after the polls closed and separate those ballots that were mail in.

The court will not take this up. Biden did not win, recounts have to be done, ballots have to be looked at and deemed legal. That is the process that will now take place as it should.

Then the electoral college will cast their votes.


Uh huh. Biden won. The sooner the right faces facts the better.


By the way, welcome back. No this will go to the courts to decide what is legal and what is not then the states will do their tallies.

Thank you.

I get how upset some are. But fanciful tales of voting irregularities and fraud don’t help matters at this point. It just makes the right look more crazy and delusional. Conservatives don’t need any more of that.


It is not about being upset. We have in this country “constitutional law” which states only the legislatures in each state can change the rules of the election so when the PA governor tried to change the rules on voting and the legislature in Pa refused, he went to the courts.

This is only one of many issues that the Supreme Court of American will look at.

That was the PA Supreme Court, by the way.

Only legislatures in each state can change the rules on voting laws.

After the PA governor went to the legislature and they would not take it up, yes it did go the PA Supreme Court but now it will go the Supreme Court of the United States for a final vote. I believe and that is why Justice Alito asked them to separate the ballots.

Under the constitution, a Supreme Court Justice has the right to question and repeat, that is why Justice Alito told them to separate the ballots.

right wing pundit Karl Rove disagrees with you.

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And if the Electoral College votes in Biden, will you put all of this to rest?


Yes if the courts have already made their decisions and there is nothing else that is being done.

Karl Rove in another “Never Trumper.”

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I could list many more Republican’s, but it’s obvious the game that will be played here.

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