Trump's next Putin meeting won't be until 2019, WH says (Surprise, surprise!)


The White House issued a statement from national security adviser John Bolton, saying that the next possible meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t happen until 2019.

Here’s the statement:

“The President believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over, so we’ve agreed that it will be after the first of the year.”


Maybe he “will have more flexability after the election” like others apparently had. :thinking::laughing:


Who will be more flexible, Putin? Putin’s calling the shots here.


Not sure what the big deal is. These meetings take time to set up and coordinate and we’re only a few months outside the Holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas) when coordination gets even more complicated.


Oh, so it was Putin that told Trump to open up the oil spigots and send a couple hundred million worth of weapons to the Ukraine to…fight Putin. I though Putin was supposed to be a crafty guy, a master spy, but he keeps ordering Trump to do things that hurt him? /shrug…


Putin is good at doing the one thing Trump cannot do…manipulate the Democrat Party and its media in the U.S.


Apparently Putin is good at controlling the media in other countries as well. My cousin in Poland just sent me a cartoon showing Putin holding a baby Trump in his hands.


President Trump was gung-ho last week about a second summit with Vladimir Putin after their sitdown in Helsinki — but the Kremlin on Tuesday offered only a decidedly lukewarm response to the invite.

Putin’s failure to swiftly accept Trump’s invitation for a Washington summit this fall has been noticeable, Reuters reported.

Though Moscow saw the summit the two leaders held last week as a success, the fiercely negative reaction by some US politicians to Trump’s performance has taken some in Russia aback.

Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said that though Washington and Moscow agreed there was a need for another Putin-Trump meeting, Russia had not yet begun any practical preparations for a new meeting.

“There are other options [to meet] which our leaders can look at,” Ushakov told reporters, citing a meeting of G20 leaders in Argentina which starts at the end of November.

“Maybe there will be other international events which Trump and Putin will take part in.”

Ushakov did not explain why Moscow had not yet accepted Trump’s invitation.

But when he was asked for details about how Trump had behaved at the Helsinki summit, he declined, citing a desire not to inflame what he described as an already overheated political situation in the U.S…

Putin, accused of meddling in the US elections, will not be invited to address Congress or visit the Capitol if he accepts Trump’s invitation to come to Washington, Republican congressional leaders said on Tuesday.

The comments by House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reflect the unease among US lawmakers, including Trump’s fellow Republicans, to roll out the red carpet for the former KGB officer.

Ryan and McConnell rejected the idea of Putin being asked to address a joint session of Congress, typically considered an honor for visiting foreign leaders.

We would certainly not be giving him an invitation to do a joint session,” Ryan added. “That’s something we reserve for allies.”

“The speaker and I have made it clear that Putin will not be welcome up here at the Capitol,” McConnell said later.

The intelligence community has concluded that Russia used a campaign of propaganda and hacking to interfere in the 2016 presidential election to aid Trump’s candidacy, and has warned that Moscow is working to meddle in the November congressional elections.

“The Russians better quit messing around in our elections,” McConnell told reporters, adding that he was open to legislation to put pressure on Moscow. “They did it the last time. They better not do it again.”


Still not seeing a big deal, but if you want to go into full “hair on fire” mode, far be it from to stop you…


Foreign policy by media. Bad. Well, the media caused the Spanish-American War, didn’t they? Maybe they can eventually get the U.S. and Russia into a war if they try hard enough.

Strange that the left media has gone so neo-con about war. Hillary started one and they loved her for it.


What gives you the idea that my hair is on fire?


Maybe Putin’s hesitation stems from this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

Or maybe some combination. Just a thought…


Sure, these comments by Ryan and McConnell were reported by media…


But what gives you the idea that my hair is on fire?


It’s hyperbole, something Trump’s haters have trouble understanding…


Uh, yeah, but they’re a bit like saying “The speaker and I have made it clear that we will not invite any alligators to share the Senate swimming pool.” That’s not something they do anyway.

But I don’t much doubt that Ryan and McConnell felt intimidated by the left media. Neither of them has been able to take the machine gun fire from that quarter for quite some time.


I understand hyperbole, and I’m very aware that you don’t think that my hair is actually on fire. I’m wondering what gave you the idea that your hyperbole applys to me.


This is interesting. Might be that Ryan and McConnell got too frightened by the Democrat media too soon.

“US media coverage suggests hostility toward diplomatic engagement with Russia as a matter of course. A new Harris poll, however, suggests that this is not the view of the majority of the American public, with 54% approving of President Trump inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House for a second summit.”


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