Trump's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame destroyed with pickax


Note Kevin Spacey’s undamaged star literally right next to Trump. It seems molesting teens doesn’t provoke much outrage in Hollywood anymore…

Sweden struggles over child marriage

Is your problem more that trumps was destroyed or that Spacey’s wasnt?

I’m not a trump supporter, but at the same time I don’t approve of vandalism.


I just think it’s ironic that the child molester’s star was…unmolested.


The tolerant left strikes again.


Right, 'cause one moron with a pickaxe is “the left.”

He’s just a vandal. Do you see anyone here, anyone at all, even the resident CAF lefties, defending him?


Seems like a lot of vandals on the left … going back to when masked terrorists burned California buildings to prevent a speaker from appearing to give a speech on a college campus.


You should probably take a step back, take a chill pill, and stop investing so much energy in the 24hr news cycle. You will feel much better.


Trump is not my favourite politician by far but this constant comparison to fascism cheapens debate. Most using it as comparison I note have no idea of what living under a fascist regime actually entailed and are often too young to have relative or family who did. Having your teenaged brothers and sisters wiped out by Einsatzgruppen as my late grandfather-in-law did when he was a young man means you can start talking about living under fascist regimes or when you understand what the term actually implies. Trump is noisy, populist and often foolish but he is not a fascist.


Political activism which involves vandalism or physical forces is not confined to the left or right and any attempt to pretend it is by either side is asinine.


I assume you are trolling.

Please explain how one becomes a fascists. I would love to know how this label is supposed to be used because I hear people calling Democrats Fascists and Republicans Fascists. Heck, I’ve even heard Libertarians called Fascists.

It’s almost like it’s a term thrown around to stop debate. :scream:


Yep. And if he were a fascist, he’d be Mussolini, not Hitler. Not even Franco.


Just the guy who posted right after you.


You better destroy anything with FDR on it!


This seems like an odd thing to say in a world with a number of current fascist regimes and overflowing with articles written by people who survived fascist regimes warning that continuing down the Trump path will cause immense suffering. There’s a reason Holocaust survivors and historians aren’t fond of the man and the political philosophy he represents.


What fascist regimes currently exist? There are dictators but the term fascist relates to a particular political and social philosophy. It is used in a lazy manner of late and has been for some years. I should imagine given Trump’s daughter is married to a Jew and that she converted and that Trump is by all accounts quite close to his daughter that he has not enmity for the Jewish people.


I bet that has him sulking tonight! And his supporters, how will they ever sleep tonight!


How do you know a Trump supporter wasn’t responsible for the vandalism? If I recall correctly, the same type of vandalism was committed before the election and Trump’s numbers went up.


I don’t. Setting my speculations aside I would have to know more about the man’s motivations to label that as irony. There are many possible motivations that one person might be motivated to deface a symbol of another person. What were the motivations of the man alleged to be responsible?


Wow, really trenchant commentary there…


And the same to you (see above).

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