Trump's stunning abdication of leadership comes as pandemic worsens

This pretty much sums up his value system and priorities. And there are STILL some people who support him. People keep dying because Trump does not care about the number one threat to nation. THAT is the real tragedy.


I’m afraid this isn’t a news story.

It’s an opinion piece.


Well, maybe there is nothing new about Trump abdicating his duty. The pandemic is still raging, and there is no leadership from the WH.

Do you know the difference between an opinion piece and a news story?


Not only that, an opinion piece from one of the most dishonest outlets in media.

From the article:

He’s spending time with advisers, not strategizing on how to tame the out-of-control health emergency but seeking a path to win an election already declared lost.

How does this guy know what Trump is doing in the WH? Is he in on meetings?

What does he expect the president to do? It is a virus. It spreads. Unless the solution is fascistic authoritarian rule, something I’m sure progressives would welcome from a Democrat, this is something that is the responsibility of states under our federalist system.
I’m frankly tired of the lie that people are dying because of Trump, while governors like Cuomo and Murphy are made out as heroes. It’s disgusting and dishonest.


The pandemic will rage until we have a vaccine and herd immunity. Unless you want to lock people in their homes under threat of arrest and imprisonment.
It is raging in Europe, too. Is that because of bad orange man, too?


Then why is this place littered with Tucker pieces?

Raging is relative. nothing like it is here in the states. the federal government has cashed out and left the states to struggle on their own.
Herd immunity isn’t possible for years.


And Hannity pieces?

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Herd immunity requires 60 to 75 % of the populution.


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I am still “stunned” at how much people hate this president for doing what he could for this country. whether you agree with him or not, hating someone this much is simply not Christian.


It’s just like the flu. . .

Anyway we all die sometime!

What about those who call the Democratic party “demonic”?


Which I don’t read or pay attention to.

I thought this thread was going to announce what lots of analysts are predicting. That Trump will resign once he accepts the election result so that Pence can then enact the Presidents outgoing privilege of pardoning people from prosecution so that Trump can avoid jail.

Guess what country doctors without borders are working in.

that’s also not Christian if they are talking about other people.

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The number of new cases could be lessened if there would be a strong message encouraging the wearing of masks and keeping social distance. There is no need for “house arrest” and imprisonment, just listening to the experts, and not the quacks.

The buck stops on the Resolute desk!

I’m not a progressive. I don’t believe in censorship. But I am willing to criticize the former news now DNC propaganda agencies such as CNN.

Oh, now raging is relative. Please.

Maybe it’s because we are a free people. We tend to reject lockdowns. But you are right “in the states. This primarily are responsibility of the states.

The general government has spent hundreds of billions on finding a vaccine, providing materials. It is just flat untrue thst the general government hasn’t done its job. In fact, it has probably stepped outside its constitutional limits.

Now you’re arguing against yourself. How would you stop the spread? A mask mandate will not stop the spread.

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I’m stunned by how oblivious Trump supporters are to the hatred against the Left on this forum. Just read a post yesterday with a fellow saying he couldn’t so much as have Democrat voters as neighbours because he simply can’t trust Democrats period…that’s just sad.
There is hatred on both sides and its tragic.


I’m hearing a lot about spiritual warfare during this US election. It is real and something to be aware of. But the way people are talking, its as if the Democrats are the Enemy. No, the Democrats are human beings who need Christ, like all of us, and we are obliged, under pain of mortal sin, to love them…unconditionally. The Enemy is the Devil and his fallen angels…not people he may or may not have influenced.

That’s one of my biggest issues with the whole Trump movement. I think abortion is one of the greatest evils on the planet. I applaud practical steps Trump’s administration has taken to limit abortion. But I think the pro-life / conservative movement ultimately did itself a huge disserve getting so absolutely behind this man…the goal shouldn’t be to “fight” the Left, as I keep hearing on this forum, it should be to SAVE SOULS…to convince others that abortion is evil… and Trump and those who act like Trump will never convince a single soul…all they will do is drive more potential “converts” away.

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