Trump's Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment (and more)

Trump’s Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment

Maxine Waters: Trump "Will Be Eligible For Impeachment," It Will Be Necessary

This Former Labor Secretary Says A Trump Impeachment Rests On A Simple Question

Alameda Group Calls for President Trump’s Impeachment, City Supports Investigation

Congress Can Remove Donald Trump From Office Without Impeaching Him

It’s Time To Talk About Impeachment

One never knows. Watergate took a couple of years to unfold until the time that the House judiciary committee recommended articles of impeachment against Richard M Nixon leading to his resignation. DJT is only 50 days in.

I believe the moderator asked us to eschew such topics unless they were connected to the Faith in some way. Why is no one following his advice? Remember, it was disobedience which caused the fall of Man (Genesis 3). :frowning:

Was that thread by the mod removed? I couldn’t find it earlier although I may have missed it. I do suppose though if President Trump is found to have lied, that would have some connection to the faith.

Obama can’t self impeach him anymore …


That seems like an easy way of starting a second civil war, people like to compare America to pre-war Germany but a far better comparison would be that of 30’s Spain , you had a lot of extreme liberals who won a election and a large amount of Conservative who did not view their government as legitimate so they took up arms causing the Spanish Civil War, a similar thing could happen here if Trump gets impeached we’d have millions of disillusioned conservatives all it would take is a signal high ranking General or Governor to defect to a opposition movement and history repeats.

Jeez, will everyone please let go of this Impeachment thing? It’s not going to happen.

Just because someone doesn’t like what the president is doing does not mean that it is an impeachable offense. Read the Constitution.

Second, most people don’t even know what the word “impeachment” means. Hint: It does not mean “get booted out of office.”

Third, history is not on the side of those calling for impeachment. There have only been two presidents (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) ever to e impeached and neither case resulted in the presidents removal from office.

What a bunch of garbage.

Hillary lost. Time to move on!

Maxine Waters got confused and conflated CRIMEA and KOREA.

[She really did.]

“Why does Russia want to invade Korea?”, she said. She really did … paraphrase. Impeachment or retirement?]

The NSA captures everything. We’re ALL being wiretapped. No cause for impeachment here. Try, try again…

The Dms are incirrigable:rolleyes:

My opinion is that if the democrats (or republicans for that matter) want to introduce articles of impeachment, by all means bring it on. I would rather have the government distracted by impeachment proceedings than actually doing things that interfere with the operation of the economy.

And Nixon had just won the entire Electoral College except MA and DC.

Impeached for what?

Maxine Waters, huh? Not the most sound voice of reason.

For winning.

This is so silly! And the Democrats keep bringing it up looking sillier and sillier

Ops!Typo,that should read incorrigible!

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