Trunk or Treat?


Trunk or Treat carnivals or Harvest Carnivals have become the norm in my area during the halloween season. Many local churches will have members of the church line up cars with the trunk open in the church parking lot and hand out candy, usually the weekend before halloween or on the night of halloween. The cars are decorated with Biblical themes or non offensive secular themes. No occult or evil decorations are allowed.

Churches use this as an opportunity to build relationships with people in the community and provide a safer alternative to “trick or treating”.

Is that kind of thing done in local Catholic churches?


Sounds kind of Baptist to me. :thinking:

(No offense to Baptists, just being tounge–in-cheek)

It’s not a bad idea.


Yes, and usually before Halloween. I don’t have a problem with kids trick-or-treating. But, some parents would rather their kids not be out after dark, and I completely understand that.


I just googled:

"Trunk or treat " and “Catholic church”

There were a lot of results for various catholic churches in the the United States.


Our Catholic school does this in the school parking lot an the Saturday before Halloween.


Yep, following the Vigil Mass.


My parish does Trunk or Treat and had theirs this past Saturday night. They also had other stuff for the kids to do, too.


Yes, it is now done in ours. This year, the weather didn’t cooperate. So it was held inside and nicknamed Table Or Treat instead.


Our parish was frankly overwhelmed at the number of families who turned out. Combining with Mass is a way to really make this a tool for evangelism! It will become an annual tradition here, Vigil Mass at 6 PM and Trunk or Treat after Mass.


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