Trust in God....

How can I grow and deepen my trust in God? Now I know and understand that trust in God is not an issue of the intellect or the Passions but it is an issue of the heart/the will…

I think it involves the intellect, too. We trust God on the basis of something, i.e. his being in control, infinitely wise and good, etc. So maybe part of it is reminding ourselves who God is. I think we lose touch with this because we deal day-to-day with fallible and fallen human beings who disappoint us, including ourselves. God is personal, so perhaps we unconsciously expect God to be like us in those respects, too.

But I agree that it comes down to an act of will. Maybe we can grow by going beyond just saying the words, “Lord, I trust you” (whether in a general sense or about a specific situation). We could go further and act in a way that shows trust or at least a sincere effort to be more trustful (e.g. letting something go, not dwelling on it, not bringing it up every time we pray, moving on to other things, etc.). What do you think?

By increasing your level of Sanctifying grace, which is done by disposing yourself to receiving more grace from God.

How is that done?

In short: by living a Christian life. With God’s help and with an ever-deepening prayer life, we strive to root out our imperfections and vices and sins, we mortify ourselves, we live a Sacramental life, we take up our crosses on a daily basis, we do penance, we try to cooperate with every grace, and we seek to do His will in the present moment.

Trusting in God is not about emotions, it’s about the degree of supernatural faith that God has given us, which in turn is linked to our level of holiness. Most of us don’t trust in Him because we love ourselves and pleasure far too much, and when we inevitably are given a cross, we implode and have little fits. :wink:

I think its linked to surrender to God’s Holy Will, and trust in His goodness. We can grow in this by making acts of trust and surrender particularly with what most worries us

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