Trust level...?


What does “teaching trust level 3” mean? How do we increase our “trust level”?


Not sure about “teaching” part. Trust level 3 is a Discourse thing. In CAF that is “regular”, which you currently are. Level 4 are the mods, and that’s a big leap. You can get a feel for it going to the discourse site and reading about the requirements.


It’s an automatic thing. Once you’ve been active for a while, reading others’ posts and making your own threads and replies, without getting into trouble (like without getting suspended), you’ll eventually get to the next trust level.


And you can get kicked back out of it without getting suspended too.


The short answer is that you move up in “trust levels” by participation: posting, reading, liking, being liked.

Here’s the long explanation of trust levels if you are interested:

Note that this is the description from Discourse, which is the platform that CAF uses as the “bones” of the forum. The criteria listed above for moving from one level to another are the Discourse defaults, but those can be (and probably have been) modified by the CAF staff to make it work best for our particular forum.


Cheers, guys.

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