Trusting God day by day

I am having a lot of trouble trusting God for employment. I have not had meaningful work in almost 2 years. For the past 7 months, I have been working at a very low paying job. They renew my contract every month so every months I am worried if they will renew it. I was originally hired to help with a project that was going well. Things are getting cleaned up and consequently, the business need for me to be there will disappear soon enough.

I try to trust God and I have been to other interviews in the mean time. Unfortunately, I have not received the job from those other interviews. It is very scary since I can not pretend it is not happening. Every day, I have to keep my eyes open for the next position. I don’t feel I have the luxury of saying to myself ‘I will put this aside for a few weeks and worry about it then.’

So, I have been trying really hard to just give it to God everyday. And I think about Moses in the desert and how the manna was given every day and not in advance. However, it is very hard. The worst part about it is SO many people keep asking about my ‘future plans career wise’ no matter how often I say ‘Please don’t ask’.

So, can others share hints on how they have learnt to trust God day by day


Praying to St. Joseph for you to find employment. Let go & Let God. It may seem hard to do but remember, God answers our prayers not in our time but His.

Praying to St. Joseph for intercession that you obtain gainful employment.

I totally understand you. My husband immigrated here from Ireland and no one will give him a chance. Applying on the internet is awful. No responses, no work anywhere. He has an advanced degree and lots of experience. But no replies at all. He had one serious interview and when they found out he was not a citizen, their tone changed completely.
I will put you in our daily prayers for employment. I know it’s hard to stay positive, but God will see us through, He will. God bless you, and please don’t lose heart. We’ll pray for you.

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