"Trusting God" in discernment?

Hey guys - a little question for y’all. When people say the most important step in our discernment is learning to trust God, that He will never let me down - what does that mean? I mean, of course I trust Him! Why else would I have applied to the seminary and spent two years of my life praying about my vocation?

I guess my question is this. In a nutshell here’s my situation: I’m getting cold feet about the seminary, I’m no longer attracted to the priesthood, and I don’t really feel like making a commitment to the seminary at this point in my life. I have other things I’m interested in: finishing my degree, traveling, pursuing a doctorate in my academic field, dating. Is this a case of not trusting God with my vocation, or is it a case of following my heart and trusting that God is guiding me in this? I’m confused… :o

I think the most applicable quote here is “love God and then do what you will.”
Trusting God doesn’t mean expecting Him to make all your decisions for you, it just means not to resist Him when he pushes you in a certain direction.

(remember though that dating has no real purpose other than discernment of a life partner, so if you’re planning on dating someone, you should be open to considering marrying her at some point.)

This is just my opinion, but I try to look at the desires behind the intentions when determining if something is God’s will or not.

For example, if I was planning to go into the seminary but started to desire a different path because I felt that I could fulfill God’s desires more completely as a married man or by getting a degree, then I would think that this is God coaxing me in a new direction and that it is His will for me to not go into the priesthood at this time.

On the other hand, if I was having second thoughts about the priesthood because I was afraid of the commitment, wanted to amass earthly treasures or wanted to get married primarly out of a desire for sex then I think these things might be temptations from the evil one to keep me from my vocation and to not do God’s will.

Prayer and a good spiritual director will, of course, be very helpful here. :slight_smile:

I totally agree here. As of right now I have these same feelings. Sometimes I wonder if I am truly feel called to marriage. On the one had I want kids and I feel that having a spouse would be good spiritually for me, but I feel sometimes I want marriage just for sex. I also have thought about the priesthood, but for too long I only wanted the priesthood because I felt that I couldn’t get a girlfriend or be in a relationship (still am not in a relationship and have never had one at 23, but am hopeful) and I don’t think I was going about it the right way.

Anyway, I agree aspiritual director can work wonders. I know I need one. BTW any suggestions for a spiritual director?

Before looking for a spiritual director, read Thomas Dubay’s book: Seeking Spiritual Direction in order to discern authentic Catholic spiritual direction.
Also, a great website: Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction.
I’m looking for one as well. God bless!

Establishment in a holy vocation: religious life, finding a faith filled helpmate willing to be with you, ect. are big graces. The bible says that there are small graces, and when faithfully recieved lead to bigger ones. Many are denied a vocation because they are not faithful to small graces. There is an example of this that Jesus wanted to show S. Faustina in a mystical experience, and to us in wit in the Diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul”.

This goes to show that we have to trust, we have freedom yet there is no other option. The Book of Wisdom says - “For who among men is he that can know the counsel of God (the Gift that fulfills the Cardinal virtue of prudence)? or who can think what the will of God is? For the thoughts of mortal men are fearful, and our counsels uncertain.” (Wis 9:13, 14) You see, I have no choice but to trust God if I ever in my life moments want to know, love and serve him.

What has often occurred to me is that If I am not ready to trust God with my own life today, how am I going to trust God with the lives of my family tomorrow?

I think you need to discern your own desires more.

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