Trustworthy Catholic stores online?


I want to buy some Brown Scapulars. I want to make sure that I don’t get on any dodgy sites that want to scam innocent faithful.


Catholic Company is really good. I got a beautiful crucifix from them last year.

There’s also the EWTN online catalog.


How brown? You don’t need to be very specific, just a dark brown. If you’re worried, show a picture of the one you’re looking at to the priest you plan on having blessing it. He’ll be able to tell you if it meets the requirements.


I have a hard time taking your question seriously.


A scapular just has to be two squares of brown cloth attached permanently to a cord (like the cord can’t be pinned on or detachable, it has to be sewn to the material). That’s it. There’s no requirement that it be a certain shade of brown or that it be made out of wool or have a certain picture on it or any of that. Plus, all the Catholic stores pretty much sell the same few models of scapular.


I get most everything from the Catholic Company


It does have to be made out of wool, though it can have plastic over it, kind of like laminated. Our priest told us it has to be wool, and so did Mother Angelica. :slightly_smiling_face:


Autom is very reasonable. But, sometimes, prices do indicate quality. They have items in all ranges of prices. I buy gifts from them for my ministry each Christmas and my Liturgical Desk Calendar and have been satisfied.


It does not have to be wool. I will post the Scapular PDF from the Carmelites explaining this. We have had this discussion before on here.


Again, we have been over this before.

Sisters of Carmel is a schismatic group. They are not in communion with Rome. It’s unfortunate that their website is the first one that pops up on Google when you search on “scapular”. Their teaching on the scapular is not accurate and is not the official teaching of the Carmelites in communion with Rome. (By the way, I don’t recommend you buy their products unless you want to support a schismatic order.)

The appropriate Scapular catechesis is here. It has been posted numerous times on scapular threads on this forum in the past, including by Don Ruggero who is a priest, and by lay Carmelites themselves.

Please note the answer to the “does it have to be wool?” question halfway down the page.

Does the Brown scapular have to be wool?

It did at one time, it no longer does. Few Carmelite Religious use pure wool for their habits, including their scapulars, anymore because of the expense and the impracticality.


It isn’t a very expensive item, just get a different one, if what you get isn’t exactly what you thought it would be.


I’m paranoid.


Sounds more like superstitious. is also a very good company.


Didn’t know that about the sisters of Carmel. Good to know. I wanted to buy a rosary from them


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