Truth about Padre Pio

  1. Did Jesus really tell to Padre Pio every time what to do or it was only in confession ?
  2. If they canonized him, then do we have to acknowledge that every time Jesus told him what to do?
  3. Is vanity always a grave sin, since a woman according to Pio will never dress Christ?

To spiritual director Padre Agostino suggesting him to be softer and less severe:“I could obey you, but each time it is Jesus who tells me how I am to deal with people.”
One day his spiritual director reproached him for his harsh conduct. He replied: “I could obey you, but each time it is Jesus who tells me how I am to deal with people.” His severe manner, then, was inspired from above, uniquely for the honor of God and the salvation of souls.

Women who satisfy their vanity in their dress can never put on the life of Jesus Christ; moreover they even lose the ornaments of their soul as soon as this idol enters into their heart."

Whether these things are true about Padre Pio or not, it doesn’t really matter. Any such thing is a private revelation that Catholics are not bound to. Follow Jesus and the teachings of the Church.


It is very sad that Padre Pio be againts pants in woman and He dont give absolution :C if he is infallible or he have this decision from Jesus it will be very hard :C

Padre Pio and God’s Will Regarding Modesty

‘If you have the courage to imitate Mary Magdalene in her sins, have the courage to imitate her penance!’

Padre Pio

"By Padre Pio’s explicit wish, women must enter the confessional wearing skirts


It is forbidden to borrow longer dresses in church and to wear them to confession."

“The Church is the house of God. It is forbidden for men to enter with bare arms or in shorts. It is forbidden for women to enter in trousers, without a veil on their head, in short clothing, low necklines, sleeveless or immodest dresses.”

- Signs on the doors of San Giovanni Rotondo

'There are, moreover, three virtues which perfect the devout person with regard to control of his own senses. These are: modesty, continence and chastity. By the virtue of modesty the devout person governs all his exterior acts. With good reason, then, does St. Paul recommend this virtue to all and declare how necessary it is and as if this were not enough he considers that this virtue should be obvious to all. By continence the soul exercises restraint over all the senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. By chastity, a virtue which ennobles our nature and makes it similar to that of the Angels, we suppress our sensuality and detach it from forbidden pleasures.

This is the magnificent picture of Christian perfection. Happy the one who possesses all these fine virtues, all of them fruits of the Holy Spirit who dwells within him. Such a soul has nothing to fear and will shine in the world as the sun in the heavens.’

Padre Pio

'Padre Pio wouldn’t tolerate low-necked dresses or short, tight skirts, and he forbade his spiritual daughters to wear transparent stockings. Each year his severity increased. He stubbornly dismissed them from his confessional, even before they set foot inside, if he judged them to be improperly dressed. On some mornings he drove away one after another, until he ended up hearing very few confessions. . .

Sometimes when Padre Pio refused to absolve his penitents and closed the small confessional door in their faces, the people would reproach him asking why he acted this way. “Don’t you know,” he asked, “what pain it costs me to shut the door on anyone? The Lord has forced me to do so. I do not call anyone, nor do I refuse anyone either. There is someone else who calls and refuses them. I am His useless tool.”’

- D. G., biographical writer

A woman who sold pants in her retail store in Vancouver went to confession in Italy to Padre Pio and was refused absolution. . .

“He commanded her to return home to Canada and dispose of all this stock, and not to give any of the items to people who might wear them, and if she wanted his absolution, she could come back to Italy and recieve it, only after she ruthlessly carried out his orders.”

- A. M., biographical writer

Saints aren’t infallable while on this earth, and private revelation, as far as I know, does not need to be given the same Magesterial assent as public revelation, as Limoncello said above.


I dont know enough about Padre Pio to know the truth of these claims (I do know many people love him). But if you want to follow a thoroughly merciful confessor - check out Saint Leopold Mandec. I absolutely love him. Other priests accused him of being TOO merciful, and he would answer something like “take it up with Jesus - He gave me the example”. :blush:

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I am not sure what your point is here with your thread other than degrading the memory and validity of Padre Pio.

There is most likely more to this story than just selling trousers, parts that we are unaware of and goes untold. Ie: other Sins that she confessed.

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Sorry but you really need to study up on aspects of the Catholic faith that you are showing a lot of ignorance about. Saints are not “infallible.” Where in the world did you get this? Please do your homework.


I had a lady who is in her 90s tell me that when she was single a very long time ago, if a man showed up for their date, and he was wearing jeans, she would slam the door in his face.

So what’s that about? She said that jeans were worn in the barn, to shovel manure and feed the pigs. They were not appropriate to wear out somewhere and certainly not to show up at a lady’s door.

Back in the day, people had their work clothes and their ‘going out’ clothes. There was a time when ladies wore dresses and men wore shirts with a tie, and a hat. My dad when he was single, a young man, was in a big city walking on the sidewalk, and a photographer worked on the street, taking photoa and offering to sell you your photo for a fee. Absolutely sharply dressed, hat, white shirt and tie, and so were everyone else, and yes, the ladies wore dresses.

Now you might be thinking it’s some kind of weird Catholic thing from what ever you read about Padre Pio, but that’s how people dressed ‘decent’ when away from home. No big deal.

If you google New York City 1940s photos, you’ll see something like this…


It is in summer or in winter or spring or autumn?
But i see that woman’s dont have stocking or the photo is not very good quality,the woman have trausers which Padre Pio dont accepting :C

Padre Pio had the unique gift of being able to discern the intentions of people’s souls and hearts, and that may account for his response to certain people’s Confessions.

A normal priest does not, and so they presume innocence and give the benefit of the doubt unless they have an objective reason not to.

We’ve had endless past threads on the “Padre Pio and women’s clothing” issue.

As shown in at least one of these threads, we have since had at least one other female canonized saint (St. Gianna Molla) who wore trousers. Obviously, modest trousers on women in today’s society are not sinful. I can’t speak for what the clothing standards were in some past century in Italy when Padre Pio was hearing some tourist’s confession.

Regarding Padre Pio,

  • He lived much of his life in an era when clothing standards were different from today
  • He is often credited with saying things that he never said
  • He had the gift of reading hearts so he could tell if a woman’s clothing was reflecting vanity or impure motives
  • Many people who confessed to Padre Pio were not exactly faithful devout people and he dealt with them accordingly
  • Saints are not infallible
  • To the extent that Padre Pio may have received private revelations, Catholics are not required to believe them

I think that about covers this topic for the umpteenth time.

And maybe time to focus on some other aspects of the great saint Padre Pio rather than women’s trousers.


This is New York City in 1942.
Are you being scrupulous?

I have OCD then i have scrupulous.And The revelation of Pio are accepted like revelation in Fatima etc. ?
I have also problem with this
This is translated to english
" I was wondering about the words of Padre Pio, who said to a woman confessing in a blouse with short sleeves up to the elbows:
“You see, I would cut you a pile, you would suffer less than you have to suffer in Purgatory.” (quoted after: “The secret of Father Pio”

Then you should not be asking these questions here. Please discuss with your regular confessor who is helping you with your scruples.

We are advised not to respond to scrupulous questions here because of the risk we will make your scruples worse.

I further note that Fatima is also a private revelation and Catholics are not required to believe in it.

God bless.

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