Truth about so-called Scandals

:mad: The reason I use a mad smiley is for this reason. Several years ago, before all of this scandal sensationalism started, I began listening to a radio station in St. Louis, MO called 630 AM KJSL. I believe that Mr. Joseph Schiedler, who I think is an outstanding soldier for Our Lord and Our Lady has actually spoken to a few of these evangelical, non-denominational radio personalities who I have tried to have a dialogue with, but, after the course of a few years have come to the conclusion that it is better not to even speak to such people. The reason for this is that I have ‘tested’ the people who work as board operators as well as people who host these shows. When I mentioned once to a board operator (before these scandals) that I was Catholic, he then became very rude, obnoxious, and started accusing ‘priests of child molestation’ which I admit had me rather steamed. I have encountered this kind of behavior also when asking people at the 700 club whether or not Pat Robertson supports the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. I guess when you ask questions of people who are already almost always on the defensive in a rather extreme way, it is best to leave them to prayer and not even inquire about anything. What really has me concerned is that it seems the only subject talked about on this station is homosexuality which I find to abhorrent, but also realize that to keep speaking of it in a mainstream media outlet is like adding kerosene to a fire that a person is trying to extinguish. I understand that Mr. Keating, whose writings I wish I could read more of but cannot afford (I am a starving artist, whatever that is) does indeed engage in dialogue and has probably heard much worse when it comes to slandering Our Holy Faith. What I hope can be done is an expose of these evangelical media outlets, who use such diabolical methods of creating scandals that I personally do not believe are even true. I welcome any response to this posting with a great big blessing for anyone who reads this and wishes to write. May you always have the abundance of grace needed for you and your families, In Nomine Patris, et Filli, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. P.S. I hope that someday I will be able to speak fluent Latin. However, as a 29 year old art student that is a guy, don’t expect me to ever become a priest. I will post about that later if I receive a response. :o

Are you saying that you believe the evangelical media has invented the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandals?

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The above link will take you to a very good tract on this very topic, so don’t hesitate to avail yourself of it.

The stats are the same among Protestant clergy & much higher & equally well concealed among educators. Sad planet this…

Lets’ be busy about the great harvest & play w/o ceasing…the only real answer.

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